Healthy Restaurants Simplified: 5 Drop Dead Places In San Francisco, Los Angeles & New York

I’m always on the lookout for grass-fed and organic restaurants since that’s usually the best litmus test to know if they are serving food devoid of vegetable oils and other crap you’d otherwise be hard-pressed to avoid. Travel is hard enough on your body, make it up by enjoying the healthy food offerings at these locations. Maybe I’m just a happy loner but I’ve never been more satisfied sitting there eating my “ice cream” at Erewhon on a sunny day in LA. I’ve yet to find a restaurant that can top any of these places in terms of clean/organic ingredients.

San Francisco

Roam Artisan Burgers: This is my standard go-to whenever I eat out in San Francisco. 100% Grass-fed beef and 100% amazing burgers. They even have grass-fed bison as an option, so you know they aren’t messing around.

Los Angeles

Bulletproof Coffee: Literally the best coffee on the planet, but they finally opened a couple cafes in LA that serve grass-fed beef bowls, wild Alaskan salmon “toast,” bone broth soups, etc. Try a Bulletproof coffee as your gateway drug, and the food is premium quality. This company does not compromise on quality.

Erewhon: Their tagline is, “If it’s here it’s good for you.” I couldn’t agree more. This grocery store (also serving cooked meals) is bar none the healthiest joint. Bring your wallet, but my god is this place worth a stop. Try the Mint Chip Energizer “ice cream.”

Kippy’s! Organic Non-Dairy Ice Cream Shop: Coconut cream and raw honey-sweetened ice cream. Life-changing. No preservatives. Finally a dessert with all taste and no guilt.  

New York

Hu Kitchen: The best you could hope for. All organic, grass-fed, wild caught, etc. A wide array of options and trendy, upbeat vibe. Hard to beat, easy to love, I’m hard to love.

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