Location Independence Simplified: Complete Toolkit for Lifestyle Business, Virtual Companies & Remote Work (Plus A Faster-Than-Typing Solution for Everyone)

Location Independence Simplified: Complete Toolkit for Lifestyle Business, Virtual Companies & Remote Work (Plus A Faster-Than-Typing Solution for Everyone)

The days of costly and rigid business overhead, rent and infrastructure are over. The following is everything you need to run a profitable and simple lifestyle business or to work remotely and still easily communicate with customers, employees/colleagues, virtual assistants, or partners. This will be updated for easiest and most useful technology and apps as I find and use them myself.

*Most relevant for: online-based consultants, coaches, service providers, and people who want to operate a 100% digital/paperless business.

*Note: All non-affiliate links below, and all the services below are very affordable or free.

Communicate Better With Team Members and Customers

Loom: My #1 favorite tool here. A faster-than-typing solution by creating quick videos without having to wait for Dropbox uploads or any other lags. Use to create training videos for your team or review items for your customers.

Zoom: Video conferencing and screen sharing to make phone calls infinitely more productive with team members and clients/customers. I have it on good authority that BlueJeans is easier and better than Zoom, if you happen to need an alternative for video meetings.

Google Drive: Limitless communication and data storing. Create docs and sheets to share with anyone that can be updated by multiple users in real-time.

Basecamp: Project management software if you have multiple team members. Organize and schedule tasks and to-dos without creating an instant messaging and email back and forth zoo.

Skype: Free and simple instant messaging.

ScheduleOnce or Calendly: Automate people booking time on your calendar for prospective and active clients. Back and forth on finding a mutual time is a terrible use of your existence.

Get Help: Virtual Assistance, Delegation, and Outsourcing

Fiverr: One-off transactional help for almost anything without having to manage anyone.

Upwork: More dedicated assistance from part-time to full-time contracted employment. Take advantage of geo-arbitrage and hire people from countries with weaker currencies (equals cheaper labor for you).

Get Paid: Accept Payment Online

The most elegant one-two combination to accept credit card payments and automate invoicing. Note: you need to integrate a Payment Gateway with Stripe; you cannot run Stripe as a standalone product.

Stripe: Payment Processor (siphon payments into your bank account from completed payments)

Payfunnels: Payment Gateway (input credit card info to accept payment)

Lock In What You Sold: Send Business Agreements

Docusign: Sign and send contracts online.

There are always more things you could add, like email-autoresponders and LeadPages, but I consider this the essentials kit. If you need help stringing it all together to make it work for you, post below or shoot me a message. Keep things as simple as possible; there are people crushing it who don’t even have a website.


Minimalism In A Modern World Simplified: 3 Stupid Easy Steps To Achieve Email Inbox Zero

Minimalism In A Modern World Simplified: 3 Stupid Easy Steps To Achieve Email Inbox Zero

The fabled email Inbox Zero. More often talked about than achieved by a magnitude of 10 or greater. Like anything, we’re going to need easy systems and tools to get us there, that minimize human involvement and cognitive/decision-making resources. How would it feel to close out your inbox for the day, rather than wake up to an ever-growing list of to-dos, reminders, and people you still need to reply to? If you aren’t comfortable working on a desk or in a room with paper and crap scattered everywhere, then why endure the equivalent disarray with your inbox or desktop?

Step 1: Eliminate and Obliterate (Unsubscribe)

With every email you receive, ask yourself the question, “Do I need to receive this? Does this email/info move the needle on anything in my life, business or otherwise?” If you can’t readily identify a fairly strong justification to keep receiving those emails, unsubscribe. If you can’t unsubscribe, then create a filter to automatically place it in the trash.

To do that, click the inverted triangle in the top right of the email in Gmail > Filter messages like this >

> Write in the criteria that you want to filter out. In this example, I want to filter my monthly notification from Chase that my statement is available. Since I’m on auto-pay, receiving this email does nothing for me BUT other Chase emails may, so I’m only filtering out future emails with this exact subject line.

> Check the box(es) for what you want to do with it. I suggest deleting it if you’re sure you won’t need it, but the other option is to filter it to a folder. That means you won’t see it in your inbox, but it will still be saved in a folder you created (e.g. Credit Card Statements).

Step 2: Filter to Folder

For emails that you don’t want to outright delete or unsubscribe and may want to reference later or save, creating a filter to a specific folder is your best bet. Same process as above, but this time you are checking the boxes for “Skip the Inbox” and “Apply the label.” I will also check the box “Mark as read” since I am neurotic enough to even have unread emails bolded/showing in my folders bother/distract me. What’s the difference between a control freak and someone who is just impeccably organized? Answer: no idea, and I have even less of an idea how to make this punchline humorous.

Step 3: Delete, File or Boomerang

Now that you have proactively avoided 80%+ of your emails, the only ones that slip through to your inbox each morning should be the ones that matter. For each of those, execute or respond appropriately, then file or delete. If you need to push out executing or dealing with it, use Boomerang to “snooze” the email and have it pop back into your inbox at a later time of your exact choosing.

There you have it. Your pristine sanctuary of inbox and mind returns, daily. Let me know if this works out for you or any other tricks you think are worth sharing here. Many thanks and kinder regards.