Skin Care Simplified: 4 Step Holistic Health Guide to Glowing Skin For Men (and Women)

Skin Care Simplified: 4 Step Holistic Health Guide to Glowing Skin For Men (and Women)

How come women get all the attention for amazing skin care products? Seems unfair, but then again most female-oriented skin care products are absolute chemical-ridden garbage. It’s time to level the playing field! Not really, the program and products below will work equally well for both sexes, but I recently had a guy friend ask me about my skin care regimen so I wanted to let the cat out of the bottle (?). I never considered myself the authority on amazing, vibrant, glowing, jaw-dropping, panty-dropping skin. I do, however, consider myself the authority on finding the simple tactics, products, and routines that maximize results (clean skin) with minimal time and effort involved, so let the sharing begin.

Step 1: Probiotic Facial Cleanser

Most cleansers are pretty irritating to the skin, and you can actually do pretty well without one altogether. I use/recommend the Mother Dirt Biome Face Natural Skin Cleanser. Apply once in the shower to repopulate the right, healthy bacteria that helps fight acne and keep your skin clear.

Step 2: Natural Moisturizer (+Frankicense Oil)

At least once per day, apply a natural, organic moisturizer. I’ve tried several (avocado oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, etc.) and found Organic Jojoba Oil and Emu Oil to work well and clog my pores the least. Both work, but as with diet, exercise, and almost anything, it’s worth switching things up so your body doesn’t become overly accustomed to one input. Emu oil is excellent if you’ve had a bit of sun exposure/burn to cool your skin down.

Using the moisturizer as the carrier, try adding frankincense oil to the mix as well. It has a bit of zing to it (“astringent”), will tighten your skin/pores, and add more glow. More glow is like more cowbell, always a good thing.

Step 3: Clay Facemask

Now here’s where it gets more interesting. A few times a month, apply a clay mask (while something super masculine to even out your manhood). Jokes aside, a good clay mask will work wonders for everyone. I recommend the Clay Mask by Alitura Naturals – “The Best Anti-Aging, Anti-Acne & Detoxifying Bentonite Clay Mask.” The CEO and founder Andy Hnilo has an interesting story with this product. I always have maximal confidence in products/companies that originated from the owner desperately trying to solve his/her own dire problem – you’d be hard-pressed to find someone more motivated to find the respective solution. For instance, you care and think about a speck of dust in your eye infinitely more than a stranger’s intense bedside suffering

Step 4: Clean Diet

This may, hopefully, go without saying, but all the best skin care products and moisturizers in the world can’t fix a broken system or diet. If you know and love the 80/20 or Pareto Principle, diet is the lead factor for skin results. Most people respond best to eliminating dairy, wheat, and sugar. Beyond that, start monitoring certain foods you’re eating and see how your skin responds. The next best thing to a healthy tan and sun-kissed glow is slightly orange skin from excessively eating beta-carotene rich foods like sweet potatoes (I haven’t yet decided whether or not I’m being facetious).

Top 5 Healthy Purchases On Amazon For 2017 That You Might Have Missed

Top 5 Healthy Purchases On Amazon For 2017 That You Might Have Missed

Kick off 2017 right with these semi-unique products that likely flew under your radar. They each solve a problem you may not even be aware you’re facing. These are my lead dominos to reap greater benefits, like more time or energy. Let us begin.

Mother Dirt Biome Cleanser

“Where can I find a chemical-free facial cleanser that clears up my skin without irritating it or blowing a bunch of money on pills and potions?

Solution: Mother Dirt. They are taking a whole new approach to skin: it’s not about cleaning, it’s about replacing with the right bacteria. That makes sense for your gut, why not for your skin too.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

“How can I use my Kindle/iPad/tablet/computer at night without throwing off my circadian rhythm/sleep?”

Solution: Throw these or any similar brand on an hour or two before you go to bed. If you need further convincing from someone undisputedly cooler than myself, check out my buddy James Swanwick’s site (buddy=I met him at the Bulletproof conference last year and he wouldn’t recognize me from Adam).


Great Lakes Gelatin Collagen 

“I don’t have time to each breakfast. How can I stave off my hunger while still improving my health?”

Solution: Add to your morning coffee or really anything. Collagen protein is tasteless and great for your hair, skin, and nails. If someone finds a catch-all word for that trio please let me know so I never have to say that again and can still maintain a semblance of masculinity. Bulletproof also offers an equally high-quality collagen protein powder, but this one is cheaper without any discernible drawbacks. Always optimizing.

Fermentation Crock Pot

“How do I jump on this probiotic health trend efficaciously, without wasting money on over-priced supplements and Whole Paycheck sauerkraut bags?”

Solution: This non-plastic, gallon size crock pot will do you justice. Throw in some chopped cabbage, sprinkle some sea salt, compress it all down, and come back in a week for an explosion of healthy probiotics. The gut microbiome plays a HUGE role in your health, so start fermenting your own foods. Kefir and kombucha are other great options, more on that later.

Mandoline Slicer

“How can I use the Crock Pot above without inventing the lengthy chore of finely chopping a pound of vegetables?”

Solution: This is the logical add-on item to the Crock Pot above so you can shave down your cabbage or any vegetable with a high degree of function and ease.


Post below your thoughts and experiences if you opt-in to any of these. What products have you found to move the needle on your health, time, or wallet in the right direction?

Organic Home Simplified: 15 Best Organic & Natural Products For Your Home

Organic Home Simplified: 15 Best Organic & Natural Products For Your Home

As you may or may not be aware (depending on your level of neuroticism/health knowledge), most of the conventional home and cosmetic products are riddled with chemicals that are a no-go for your health. There are multiple fancy terms you’ve probably heard flying around, e.g. Xenoestrogens, Triclosan, etc. Save yourself from the dreaded man boobs, the one category that doesn’t neatly fit into your “I <3 boobies!” wristband.  Point being, they mess with your health and hormone balance, stress your liver to detoxify itself, and generally yield more damage than good. Simple fix: shoot for organic and natural products. You can spend the time verifying each one off of Environmental Working Group’s Cosmetic Database or you can short-circuit it and reference the ones I use below.




Shower Soap




Shaving Gel

I use this rarely, as I have upgraded to an electric razor to save me the hassle/cost of replacing razors and applying shaving gel. But if you aren’t interested in making the switch, this gel is a great option.

Hair Gel

This is my least favorite item on the list because it makes my hair too shiny, but the ingredients are so darn clean I haven’t moved off of this yet.

Face Moisturizer

People pay hundreds for over-priced skincare products. A light, clean, organic oil such as below will get you 90% of the way there.

Shower Filter

Get the chlorine and other crap out of your water and off your skin. Your skin is a huge absorbing organ that takes in compounds; it’s not just about what you drink.


Dish Soap

Dishwasher Detergent

Home & Cleaning

All-Purpose Cleaner

Laundry Detergent



This is going to be my hardest sell for you; this does not rub in well and I’ve been the butt end of an infinite number of jokes walking around ghost-man style without fully rubbing this into my face. I recommend more for your body if you’re out in the sun.

Actionable Takeaways

  1. Throw out your crappy conventional cosmetic and home products, replacing with healthier organic or natural alternatives such as above.
  2. If you want to see any given product on a 1-10 scale in terms of toxicity, see Environmental Working Group’s Cosmetic Database.
  3. Think about anything you come in contact with, in the fullest sense of the word. Your skin, mouth, hair, etc. Seek organic alternatives whenever possible.