Top 5 Healthy Purchases On Amazon For 2017 That You Might Have Missed

Kick off 2017 right with these semi-unique products that likely flew under your radar. They each solve a problem you may not even be aware you’re facing. These are my lead dominos to reap greater benefits, like more time or energy. Let us begin.

Mother Dirt Biome Cleanser

“Where can I find a chemical-free facial cleanser that clears up my skin without irritating it or blowing a bunch of money on pills and potions?

Solution: Mother Dirt. They are taking a whole new approach to skin: it’s not about cleaning, it’s about replacing with the right bacteria. That makes sense for your gut, why not for your skin too.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

“How can I use my Kindle/iPad/tablet/computer at night without throwing off my circadian rhythm/sleep?”

Solution: Throw these or any similar brand on an hour or two before you go to bed. If you need further convincing from someone undisputedly cooler than myself, check out my buddy James Swanwick’s site (buddy=I met him at the Bulletproof conference last year and he wouldn’t recognize me from Adam).


Great Lakes Gelatin Collagen 

“I don’t have time to each breakfast. How can I stave off my hunger while still improving my health?”

Solution: Add to your morning coffee or really anything. Collagen protein is tasteless and great for your hair, skin, and nails. If someone finds a catch-all word for that trio please let me know so I never have to say that again and can still maintain a semblance of masculinity. Bulletproof also offers an equally high-quality collagen protein powder, but this one is cheaper without any discernible drawbacks. Always optimizing.

Fermentation Crock Pot

“How do I jump on this probiotic health trend efficaciously, without wasting money on over-priced supplements and Whole Paycheck sauerkraut bags?”

Solution: This non-plastic, gallon size crock pot will do you justice. Throw in some chopped cabbage, sprinkle some sea salt, compress it all down, and come back in a week for an explosion of healthy probiotics. The gut microbiome plays a HUGE role in your health, so start fermenting your own foods. Kefir and kombucha are other great options, more on that later.

Mandoline Slicer

“How can I use the Crock Pot above without inventing the lengthy chore of finely chopping a pound of vegetables?”

Solution: This is the logical add-on item to the Crock Pot above so you can shave down your cabbage or any vegetable with a high degree of function and ease.


Post below your thoughts and experiences if you opt-in to any of these. What products have you found to move the needle on your health, time, or wallet in the right direction?

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