Eating On The Go Simplified: 4 Ways To Eat Healthy With Zero Cooking or Food Preparation (Meal Prep Haters Anonymous)

As is our mantra and recurring theme, I am inherently lazy and hate spending time on most things, cooking included. Therein lies the question, how does one maintain excellent health and diet without the willingness and/or ability to cook or pay for a chef. And no, this is not another Blue Apron plug, I’m too lazy to even use those guys. Below are some go-to options great if you are traveling, working long hours, or otherwise incapable of piecing together a decent meal.


I’m really excited about the direction of wellness and health-conscious living. Companies and meal-deliverers are sprouting up left and right trying to crack the code on fast, easy, healthy meals. Soylent is a joke, but I’ll take the concept of convenience.

There’s going to be a day when nourishing ingredients (grass-fed, organic, GMO-free, etc.) will be widely available and convenient enough for people to use – hell, I often won’t even make time to cook for myself. That’s why I REALLY like anything that hacks healthy eating without the food prep/time/extra effort/fill-in-the-blank deterrent.

Meet Ample. I met Connor (CEO & Founder) a few years back at a CrossFit gym in San Francisco, and he made a strong impression on me (anybody who “optimizes” better than myself will do that). Check his meal replacement out if you’re time-strapped for healthy food and/or traveling a lot and/or lazy for meal prep like me.

I have a keen eye for any person, product, or company that makes life easier and healthier, so I sincerely felt compelled to share with you.

Canned Sardines

Canned Sardines are the apex of health meets zero maintenance. High in Omega 3’s among other beneficial properties, this is worth the box. Open a bag of organic spinach or mixed greens and add this bad boy to your salad. If you are more daring, you can also add to sauerkraut (homemade is ideal but you can also purchase at Whole Paycheck or elsewhere – the probiotics are worth the extra time or effort). When I do the sauerkraut-sardine combo, I throw in some coconut chips for more favorable texture and some organic curry powder for added spice and antioxidants.


Bulletproof Collagen Bars

I’ve tried every “healthy” protein bar I can get my hands on, and this is the best one I’ve found that doesn’t taste like a rubber tire (are there other materials of which tires are made?), doesn’t contain any artificial sweeteners, and has quality protein (collagen is infinitely better for you that soy). I’ll throw a few of these in my backpack whenever I’m taking a weekend off or running out the door.



Smoked Alaskan Salmon + Coleslaw

Three ingredients: smoked wild caught salmon, pre-cut cabbage mix, and Primal Kitchen Avocado Mayo. Lightly smoked salmon tastes better than regular cooked salmon anyway (fact) and requires zero cooking or prep. #dreamjob. This may be my most respectable and fully-baked, pun intended, meal. You can get the salmon from most local farmers markets and grocery stores. I get the pre-cut cabbage mix at Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods.

In the famous words of Ben Greenfield, “So there you have it.” What weird concoctions have you been able to put together? Let me know in the comments below.

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