My name is Brian Comstock, and evidently, I like introducing myself in the most uninteresting and unoriginal way possible. What do I do? In a phrase, I get better. I’ve always been ruthlessly focused on improving all aspects of my life: health, wealth, social, and happiness. I’ve wasted/invested countless hours and dollars into podcasts, books, business coaches, health coaches, programs, buy-my-shits, 67 Steps, more steps, you name it. I’ve weeded through all this material so you don’t have to. My life’s mission is to cut through the BS, go straight to the core of what works, and break it down simply for you. It’s been a very painful process of dealing with massive egos and failing repeatedly, learning from every guru and expert around the corner. But all that did get me somewhere…

By the ripe age of 25 I was able to quit my corporate tech sales job in Silicon Valley, live off of passive income I created from online businesses (while living in expensive-as-hell San Francisco), and dedicate my life more fully to bettering my mind and body. That said, I am not retired, and not implying that either, far from it. I have a couple businesses and projects I am still pursuing, as I never like to have a single point of failure. I achieved all this while maintaining peak levels of fitness and fulfilling relationships. I now do less stuff I hate, and more stuff I like – MY American Dream. To accomplish all this, I know a thing or two about time management, efficiency, and ‘lifehacking.’ I now have more goals than when I started, and look forward to teaching you what I know and learning from this community I am building. Simple, straightforward answers and solutions to life’s most complex and difficult problems.

“How to get or do X without compromising or losing Y?”

That’s the essence of every problem and question I ask and resolve, now yours for the taking.


It never made sense to me how people could “niche down”/specialize. I get it from the economic/business side, but it seems like a horribly boring and one-dimensional life. Instead, this is about maximizing and optimizing the core pillars of life: health, wealth, social, and happiness. I’m not the first person to talk about these “pillars” but I’m going to do it better for you than they did.