Anti-Aging / Longevity – Exhaustive List of Tips

  • Gratitude is one of, if not the best anti-aging emotions even at a telomere-shortening mitigating level.
  • For building muscle, eat after workout. For longevity, hormone, and anti-aging benefits, wait at least an hour.
  • Intermittent Fasting
    • It turns out that you can mimic, even exceed, the supposed life-extending effects of caloric restriction with intermittent fasting (IF). This can be true even if you consume twice as many calories as normal during your “on” times, resulting in no total decrease in weekly calories.
  • Eat until you are 80% full. Don’t always stuff yourself.
  • Longevity experts are now telling us that keeping a positive outlook is just as critical a factor to health and long life as diet and exercise! You can’t afford to have people around you who are consistently acting as a drag on your positive outlook.
  • Number 1 variable to live longer: Love and Social Connectedness: have good, healthy, relationships with many people, and especially your family or those whom you see frequently. Seek a supportive community of people with shared values or interests
  • Move throughout the day, frequently.
  • Take time each day to relax/de-stress
  • Drink a little each day
  • Lots of plant-based foods. Eat 7 times more vegetables than meats (by volume)
  • Eat till you’re are 80% full; stop before you are stuffed.
  • Drink 5 cups of green tea a day
  • Eat seaweed or kelp (iodine and trace minerals)
  • Grass fed eggs, meat, and milk.
  • Eat yogurt/probiotic foods
  • Get married or get a dog. We are social creatures and need to love and feel loved.
  • Mind games for the brain: chess, backgammon, bridge, checkers, poker, puzzles, etc.
  • Mineral water over distilled
  • Humming, singing, breathing, meditating, laughing
  • Prayer
  • Be part of something bigger than yourself
  • Eat apricots and apricot kernels

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