Communication & Public Speaking

  • Principles
    • You can use tradeshows to network with people who would otherwise never return your email or phone call.
      •Meeting new people / first impressions: Notice something about other person and ask a question or make a statement that ties it in to make yourself stand out as different.
    • Effective storytelling: The more personal your story, the more universal it becomes, as people put themselves in your stories based on their own experiences (their goals, struggles etc.)
    • Don’t oppose people or their ideas, find agreement and common ground, and add on slightly different perspective. “I agree with you, we’re on the same page, and here’s a couple other things though…”
  • Public Speaking
    • Great presentations and persuasion focus on the contrast between what is and what could be.
  • Networking
    • To gracefully exit a conversation:  interrupt yourself by sticking out your hand for a handshake and summarize what you talked about to show you were listening. Ask for their business card, or, “may I offer you one of mine.”
    • When you have spoken with them for a bit and/or there is some level of comfort for them and you, ask them what their priorities are for this year. That way you know what they care about most and can think of how you can add value, most likely by connecting them with the right person.
    • Write 10 value add ideas to each person.
    • Host a party at your place
  • Interviewing / Business Meetings
    • Briefcase trick: Ask good questions, then pull out a piece of paper with your proposed solutions, ideas, action plan and hand it to them as you talk them through it.
      • Version 2: Hand them your 30-60-90 day plan
    • Have people in the meeting come up with questions so they co-own the meeting. Phrase your questions to them to with the end in mind. E.g how can we create a win-win partnership to grow the business as opposed to how can we get you bought in.
  • Ask for peoples advice not their opinion. Advice fosters collaboration and moving towards you, opinion makes them think inward and away from you.
  • Science of Sounding Smart: Use audio/your voice over written medium to sound intelligent and build credibility.
  • Get very white teeth to appear healthier and draw people to your mouth when you speak.
  • Dealing with over thinkers. Dummy up and ask them simple questions like what do you mean? What is the point? Get them to box themselves and if they don’t, assert your oversimplification and ask them to modify or accept.
  • Must entertain and/or engage before you can teach.  The best leaders and presidents entertain.
  • People remember how you made them feel, not your message.
  • Pick one type of person that you are speaking to to be authentic and relatable. Specific to your audience.
  • The more you talk, the less people listen. The less you talk, the more people listen.
  • 3 Requirements for speech
    • 1. Story
      2. Activity: engage with audience and get them to do something or write something down
      3. Point: close the loop and hit home the purpose
  • Start Speaking to Start Networking: Speaking in any venue is a fantastic (and fairly easy) way to conduct mass networking. It’s a simple way to meet new and exciting people. If you do get an opportunity to speak on stage, always do two things: Conclude your presentation with your contact information
    Give the audience a chance to meet with you when you’re done on stage.
  • Services / Software
    • Use Cyberdust for communication to reduce paper trail that can be used against you.
    • Refresh: compiles relevant information before you meet someone
    • Blue Jeans video conferencing (claims to be superior to Zoom)

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