EMF / Radiation Exposure Mitigation – Complete List of Tips

  • Rock salt lamp to mitigate EMFs.
  • Use shielded metal wiring for electrical lines in house.
  • Ground laptop with usb ground cord.
  • Bluetooth: use Class 3 transmitters which emit the lowest level of Bluetooth radiation.
  • Supplements
    • Antioxidants to protect against radiation.
      • Glutathione and chlorella are most effective. Premier Micronutrient (antioxidant blend) has good supplements to reduce DNA damage from radiation. Take before MRI or CAT scans and flying, for example.
  • Encoder wristband.
  • Harapad for laptop if using on body/lap.
  • Pong Case for iPhone (This is the only case that’s been tested in FCC- certified laboratories and proven to reduce your iPhone’s radiation to a third of what it would be without the case, all while maintaining signal strength. If you have to keep your cell phone in your pocket, this will help minimize the damage, but I still suggest “off” around the twins.
  • Even having an alarm clock next to your bed can negatively affect your sleep.
  • Flying in a plane exposes you to excessive amounts of wifi radiation. To combat your exposure:
    • Drink lots of cold water before (around 2 liters), during, and after the flight
    • Take your shoes off and place your feet on the metal stanchions to get ‘grounded’
    • Take 200mg of Reduced CoQ10 (better bioavailability) for every hour you are on the flight as this will reduce our risk of blood clotting
  • Install EMF Filter
  • Use an EMF-proof case for your phone, such as Pong
  • Airplane mode cuts off wireless transmissions, which mitigates risks of cellphone radiation, but there are still low frequency magnetic fields emitted
  • Avoid having wireless routers in your room, and at the very least:
    • Unplug or turn off routers and all wireless things when going to bed to avoid radiation
  • EMF Proof Headset or Hollow Tube Headset
  • Blue Tube is a good brand
  • Hand-free / Blue tooth headset has much less radiation
  • When carrying phone, put back of phone facing outside
  • Reduce talking in a car as the metal insulates the radiation
  • Use a Low-Radiation Cell phone (low SAR rating)

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