How to Implement Tony Robbins’ Money Book to Make Thousands (or Millions) in Under 10 Minutes

I’m all about anything and everything that helps you (and me) live a better life (health, wealth, social, etc.) Nobody enjoys money management, and you’re not expected to. A few simple, quick tweaks once a month can really make or break the bank – I got you covered.

Knowledge is potential power, but the action and implementation are where most of us fall short, for a variety of reasons (some more legitimate than others).  I wanted to put together a quick video for you to see how you can actually take a book that can literally change your life (i.e. how to invest so you are building wealth year-over-year equating to more freedom to live your life) and leverage its information in a way that is simple, easy, and high-yielding. Return. On. Time. Period.

Personal finance is nearly impossible to make funny or interesting, so I won’t even attempt to try, but these principles I’m about to share with you matter enough that I felt morally obliged to help you enact.

I’ll be discussing David Swenson’s portfolio and the All Seasons portfolio per Tony Robbin’s last two books: Money and Unshakeable.

Investing Principles Covered & Applied

  • Dollar-Cost Averaging
  • Asset Diversification (Between and Within Asset Classes)

Template From Video

Investing Template – David Swenson’s + All Seasons Portfolio – Tony Robbins


If you have any questions on this or simply want to throw in your two cents, post below!

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