Leadership & Management

  • Principles
    • 3 roles of CEO/owner/entrepreneur
      • Make sure company doesn’t run out of money
      • Hire the best people
      • Set the vision
    • Tell people why they are doing something: As a manager, give people reasons why you are asking them to do something. The reason itself is less important than its deliverance.
    • Stewardship over command/demand.
    • Admit your faults.
    • Best manipulation is when they didn’t even realize they are doing what you want (they think it is their idea) and they didn’t even know it was a debate.
    • Humility is #1
    • Ask for and take suggestions from your team. Use the collective brain power. Also gets them to take more ownership since it was their idea.
    • Create a great culture to get and attract the best talent.
    • Extroverts are better leaders for passive people and introverts are better leaders for proactive people.

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