Table of Contents

  • Principles
  • PR, Media and Virality
  • Market Research
  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Marketing / Copy
  • Social Media
  • Software / Services
  • Principles

    • Make your offer as compelling as possible to maximize conversions. E.g. 7-day free gym pass.
      •Send messages to companies’ FB page to solicit new business in lieu of paid ads. Start local and give personalized reference.
      •4 characteristics of a highly shared video
      •Entertaining (comedy or otherwise)
      •Awareness (what people are thinking, show them themselves. People want to feel seen and understood).
      •NOT information
      •We remember humor and it unusual ads better than others. Humor arousing and positive moments are more memorable .
      •Have highly consumable lead magnets of high value ( top 5 question, checklist, etc) for Facebook ads. Ebooks take too long to consume. The dream is simple: get your product in the hands of celebrities or “influencers,” and they create a ripple effect that skyrockets you to fame and fortune.
      •Baking shareable, spreadable messages into your product is the ultimate growth hack. As MIT’s Henry Jenkins puts it: on the web, “if it doesn’t spread, it’s dead.”
      •It’s better to create a category than to fight in one. Being first and then striving for perfection — instead of fighting to be best in a crowded space — is the fastest path to mindshare.
      •Writer Chris Guillebeau, from The Art of Non-Conformity blog, provides a perfect example of the Corollary at work in a lifestyle business. Instead of starting yet another site offering generic lifehacking hints, Chris found an uncontested corner of his field to conquer. Specifically, he set out on a mission to visit every country in the world. The scope of this quest transformed him into a star among travel/lifehacking bloggers, and his site quickly become a lucrative success.
      •The Superstar Corollary
      •Being the best in a field makes you disproportionately impressive to the outside world. This effect holds even if the field is not crowded, competitive, or well-known.
      •In his book Buzz Marketing, author Mark Hughes lists the six buttons of buzz as:
      •The Taboo
      Swannies blue light blocking glasses business is a good example of using cognitive biases to increase conversions (e.g. Add phone number and email to make them feel safe)
      •Use “you” as much as possible in copy
      •4 step email launch sequence
      •Customer case study / story from product results
      •Reminder and paste first email below
      •Sale is closing on <date> and post first email below
      •Last call for the “I want more <customer name>-sale”
    • He who tests most wins. Test everything headlines videos etc. delete social media that doesn’t perform and double down on the posts/videos that do.
    • If people don’t pay, they don’t pay attention.
    • Use MeetUp and local events to generate business and promote your brand. Be the local go-to for X product/service/niche.
    • If you want to go through the brain, go through the eyes. Have visually appealing. Content.
    • Start narrow then go broad. Focus on the intense few than the luke warm many. 1000 true fans. Consistently deliver 1 or 2 benefits and they will associate you with your owned category. Forget Branding.
    • Cult characteristics
      1.Recognizable leader
      2.Us vs them
      3.Virtuous / greater good
    • Action takers guarantee to decrease refunds: if you want your money back, send in your homework and we will refund.
    • People but what they want, not what they need. Why do they want to buy your product?
    • Long refund guarantees (year long) are better for your business since studies have shown people are less likely to exercise the refund the longer the guarantee.
    • Make your mess your message: Connecting to your market: tell your story, Hero’s journey, fall Into pit/struggle, call to greatness, so people can relate. The more personal you make it, the more universal it becomes.
    • 5 website aspects for high conversion – “Golden Glow”
      • Is there a desperate problem?
      • Is there a unique solution or promise?
      • Overwhelming proof
      • Irresistible offer
      • Reason to act now
    • People buy for a feeling that you are going to change their life, not just for information. Exploit that and over-deliver.
    • Retention / Engagement
      • Get people to take action. Email or phone follow up 7 days later to add personalization.
      • Use variable triggers and rewards to create habits / engagement. Eg FB notifications and messages. Then you invest for more follow up (post and wait for reviews).
      • Dynamic content, updated
      • Engagement / community
      • Dynamic value: solving a problem for them in real time. Webinar, etc. very engaging.
      • Use active and proactive customer service for online so that there is no confusion for your customers. Eliminate confusion so they don’t move on or think they were scammed.
    • 3-Part Launch
      • Remind and illustrate their problem
      • Second, agitate the problem. Tell them what NOt to do (further showing the problem by certain behavior)
      • Solve their problem a little bit. One exercise to prove you can.
    • People have different buying levels. OPEN oblivious, pondering, engaged, and need. Sell to the people who NEED your product and have the copy match that. 
    • Amplify the cost of not solving the problem.
    • Take them from the tragedy to triumph.
    • Talk about the offer as their results, not your features and deliverables
    • Different is better than better than competitor. Be authentic, not a crappy clone.
    • Attention is currency in a world of information overload.
    • Use pictures and visuals increase memory retention, with the same exact content that is written.
    • Sell the customers what they want, but give them what they NEED.
      • “In my market, what people want are six-pack abs exercises. But that’s not what I give them, because that’s not what they need. They need the right nutrition, the right full body training program, and the right mindset to be dedicated to their goal. Basically, I sell six pack abs, but I teach them how to live healthier and adopt a fitness lifestyle in order to lower their body fat for life.”
    • Good advertising works the first time. only use uniquely trackable fully accountable advertising.
    • Niche down – who you advertise to does not limit your market (people want to be hip and young, so older people will by an iPod).
    • In beginning of each video, focus on how they will feel/how they will benefit, not just what you will be covering. Focus on their transformation, their change. The solution. “How will it feel when…”
    • Need to build credibility quickly. A couple sentences upfront for why people should listen to you.
    • Ask your audience the same question 3 times worded different ways to see what they prefer. Eg. Take action, sell more, crush it in sales.
    • Increase sales / solve advertising by increasing:
      • Offers made
      • Intimacy (calls, webinar, workshops, masterminds, etc.)
      • Size of offers/deals.
    • Ideal: enter the conversation that is already going on in your prospects mind. Know them that well. They don’t buy because they understand you, they buy because they feel understood. Make your marketing impossible to misunderstand. Make people smile and feel comfortable with your marketing (Doodle / whiteboard video).
    • Celebrity status and having status above your customers. Be seen speaking at famous places and with famous people. Use one to build to the next.
    • People can’t choose you if they don’t know you’re a choice. Stay relevant and in their consciousness.
    • Market/differentiate by educating the consumer: 7 things to know before buying X and/or 5 mistakes to avoid… See joe polish carpet cleaning for more.
    • Sometimes it’s easier to create a new category and dominate that than to compete in existing categories.
    • Raise curiosity instead of resistance/annoyance (don’t post too much about your company)
  • PR,  Media, and Virality 

    • Hypothetical email:
    • To:
    • From:
    • Subject: Quick question
    • Tactic #3 Feed the Monster (Trade Up The Chain)
    • -Now that you have a story. Blow it up. Make SURE it is on everyone’s radar.
    • -Submit it to social media sites, submit it as a tip to other news sites, drive tons of traffic to it.
    • -Email other blogs and offer to do an interview and get follow-up stories.
    • -Once you start, you can’t stop. Tomorrow, come up with a new story and start again.
    • Hey [name],
    • I wanted to shoot you a note because I loved your post on [similar topic that did a lot of traffic]. I was going to give the following to our publicist, but I thought I would go to you with the exclusive because I read and really enjoy your stuff. My [e.g. “company built a userbase of 25,000 paying customers in two months without advertising” or “fashion label has new campaign with beautiful naked models” or “book blows the lid of an enormous XYZ scandal”] and [indicate how in 10 words or less]. And I did it completely off the radar. This means you would be the first to have it. I can write up any details you’d need to make it great. Do you think this might be a good fit?
    • If so, should I draft up something around [their average] words and send it to you, or do you prefer a different process? If not, I totally understand, and thanks for reading this much.
    • All the best,
    • [Your Name]
    • Then…
    • I’ve done the same thing for clients like Tucker Max, (and had a lot of fun along the way), pulling off stunts like paying celebrities to tweet offensive things and trying to name a Planned Parenthood clinic after him. In a way, this is what Tim did when he put a chapter in his last book about orgasms—yes, it was interesting and helpful to readers, but it was also a fabulous angle for everyone on the internet to go berserk about.
    • Starting small is your beachhead into the news cycle. Blogs have enormous influence over other blogs—making it possible to turn a post on a small site into posts on large-traffic sites, as the bigger often “scout” the smaller sites. Blogs compete to get to stories first, newspapers compete to “popularize” it, and then everyone else competes to talk about it.
    • How do you find these blogs? You’re already reading them! (That is, if you’re doing your job and know the influencers in your space). If you’re not, here’s a short cut: check Reddit, Gawker, TechCrunch, Huffpo and the other big guns and see what names show up regularly, what smaller sites they link to. These are the feeders you want to start with)
    • Self-interest gets you further, faster. Make your pitch specific and exciting: “Would you like the exclusive story on how my company went from $0 to $1M in revenue without spending a dime on advertising?” Or “How we got 30,000 members in 3 days?” Your company has such angles, but don’t leave it to a blogger to suss them out. Instead: Craft the narrative yourself, gather evidence, and present it nicely wrapped with a bow on top. If you do the work for them, they’ll be much more likely to run your plug-and-play story.
    • the “Most Popular” list for the New York Times Magazine found that the secret to popularity was how much emotion an article generated in the reader. In fact, the number one predictor in virality was how angry an article made the viewer. There are, in fact, many viral emotions: humor, anger, fear, joy, awe, primal attraction, etc.. The one thing they all have in common: passion/extremeness. These are called “high-valence” emotions.
    • Big trends, things that people are talking about, are “pegs” that you ideally want to anchor to your pitch. It could be as blatant and timely as the Olympics, or it could be more subtle. During the famed billion-dollar acquisition of Instagram by Facebook, Michael Seibel, CEO of SocialCam, a mobile video-sharing app and portfolio company, rode the wave of media attention surrounding the acquisition. It was no surprise that over the next few days, articles buzzed about who would be “Instagram for video.” It didn’t surprise me one bit when SocialCam was there in every discussion.
    • The “Swag Bomb” approach has many applications. Instead of customization, you can choose a unique venue, as I did when I gave away 500+ copies of The 4-Hour Chef at a TechCrunch Disrupt event, knowing that bloggers and other media would be there. It was unexpected, and the copies disappeared within hours, leading to tons of social media chatter when it mattered (during launch).
    • 4HWW created enough noise online that it was then picked up by offline media ranging from Wired and Outside magazines to Martha Stewart radio and The Today Show. To create a fast-acting meme, I’ve come to believe that you need to do a few things well. Here are the highlights, ordered to recreate the familiar acronym PPC with a certain Don King-esque flavor:
    • 1. Phenomenize:
    • Identify and name a legitimate societal shift or new phenomenon. To best spread a message or product, sell around it by discussing larger issues surrounding its creation: the person (me in this case), the changing social landscape, and emerging trends. No one cares about your new software, but the reasons it needs to exist might make for a great TV segment on 20/20. Naturally, the software would be mentioned. Mission accomplished without the hard sell.
    • 2. Polarize:
    • Good stories and trend-spotting, told unapologetically, will create both supporters (“That’s the solution!”) and attackers (“It’s a fraud!”). The battle and ongoing debate this generates is the fuel needed for word-of-mouth wildfire. Don’t piss people off for the sake of offending, but don’t sacrifice the edge of your message to avoid offending. My discussion of personal outsourcing, as one example, gets people hot and bothered. Good. I just want as many people as possible asking the important questions I believe can change the world. Love me or hate me, I just want a strong unadulterated response.
    • 3. Communitize:
    • Help create base camps for believers. Organic communities grow fastest when natural leaders are identified and encouraged to become leaders. I fostered reader-only communities on the forums of the official book site, but I also encouraged readers (see the bottom of the post here) to create their own tribes on the social networking site Ning. This is how more than 22 demographic tribes (I call them “demotribes”) came to be, including “4HWW for Programmers,” “4HWW for Families,” and “4HWW for Students.”
    • The conclusion, in retrospect, is simple… It all came down to learning how to spread a “meme“, an idea virus that captures imaginations and takes on a life of its own.
    • Attach yourself to some well known thing so people associate your name with it. Ryan and the Cleavland Indians.
    • Makes declarative, absolute statements. These get retweeted more than questions or links or pieces of content. Gary told me, “you can literally take any message from a fortune cookie and people will retweet it; absolute statements make people feel like they’re passing on a strong message.” Seriously. Fortune cookies are better than content? I’ve tested this. It’s frightening how true it is.
    • Making a book personal is the best way to build a category killer in prescriptive nonfiction…Roman’s going from his own problem to the wider societal issue will be the ground on which the book fails or succeeds.  If people connect with that message, as they did with 4HWW or Will Bowen’s in A Complaint-Free World, it will be a long-running bestseller, and one that might travel around the world too. Now, back to Roman…]
    • “Positioning” the idea is hugely important.  It helps define the lens through which both prospective publishers and readers view the book. In the literary world, it’s common to take two well-known books or people and have them “meet” to describe your concept. For example, The 4-Hour Chef could be described, conceptually, as The Joy of Cooking meets Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. This works for authors as well as books: “If you crossed Jason Bourne with Julia Child, you’d end up with Tim Ferriss.”  That was one of Tim’s cover quotes for 4HC.
    • Craigslist – Post a “Gig” in the Craigslist Gig section and title your post “Looking for a Local PR Professional”. Chances are you will receive a dozen replies by the end of the day.
      •Google search – Obviously if you do a local Google search by typing your city and “PR” or “Press Release” you will find some professionals ranking on the first page.

Market Research

    • to find competitors
    • IKEA effect: people will pay more for something they have built. So sell and test your pilot product, getting feedback and allowing them to contribute to the formation.
    • Don’t ask people directly what they want (they don’t know). Instead ask them what they don’t want or what their recent pains were (past reality vs future fantasy) “what’s your biggest challenge or stumbling block to xyz”
    • Use their language to resonate most
    • Focus on the long responds over the most frequent responded. 80/20
    • Use 1 question per page so you get most important questions before people drop off survey.
    • When they first join your list, send a follow up email a few hours or day later asking them to hit reply to confirm they received their freebie. This will whitelist you on their email. Then respond back after they confirm ” great thanks, quick question, I am thinking of covering xyz in the next few days, what’s the biggest challenge you are having with this. (Then broadcast out to address their challenge)
    • Product research for your email list
      • First email: Two lines: I’m building a new product. Are you interested?
      • Second email: I need you to do two things, read this product description and second answer this survey  (what do you like most about the product what do you like least about the product.)
      • Third email: thank them for responding and acknowledge their feedback about what you would do given their advice space and tell them they will be a part of the pilot and can get a discount and provide feedback on product.. The goal is to get 5% of the total people who responded to buy. Can do a phase each week with them to get their feedback on title, toc, etc use time scarcity for pre launch.
  • Digital Marketing

    • Facebook Ads
      • Create an audience and retarget people who watched 75% of your video on FB in last 14 days.
    • Email
      • Subject Line
        • Responsive subject line: name…we need to talk.
      • Ryan Lee Emailing
        1. 10x easier sell [and convert] on backend, when you have them in your email list.
        2. 4 Steps
        1. Focus on email
        1. average $1/subscriber/month
        2. Build trust, don’t sell too hard and too often
        2. Stand out
        1. Get attention
        1. Publication
        2. Strong “Hook”
        3. Send to landing page
        4. Niche-specific landing pages (offers)
        1. Use the right words; gender specific, e.g. “shredded” vs. “toned”
        3. Build your list
        1. Free traffic
        1. Blogging
        2. Podcasting
        3. Affiliates
        4. Interviews
        5. Social Media
        6. SEO
        7. Guest Blogging
        8. Content Synd.
        2. PPV
        1. TrafficVance
        3. Facebook Ads
        4. Create a relationship
        1. Be reliable
        2. Trusted advisor
        3. Be protective
        4. Tell stories
        5. Be real / emotional / vulnerable
        6. Be entertaining
        7. Email #1: Your why (mission)
        8. Email #2: The “Coming Soon”
        9. Email #3: The “Soft Offer”
        10. People love to buy (not to be sold)
        1. Memberships
        2. Ebooks
        3. Home-study
        4. Videos
        5. Coaching
        6. Software
        7. Events
        8. Newsletters
      • Compliance
        • Have an opt out / privacy button
        • Physical address on email
        • Subject line cannot be too deceiving.
        • Can’t email people who have opted out even if it’s for another list or someone else’s list.
        • Professional plaintiffs will blackmail you if you are not email compliant.
      • Email follow up: “I want to ensure you received my message. Can you please confirm.”
      • “Do you hate me?” Is a good email subject line to get feedback why they didn’t buy.
      • Can rent someone else’s email list to send an email/survey for market data and even have an offer to recoup cost of renting.
      • Subject lines:
        •  Obscure and general that invoke curiosity. “Hey” “why do you hate me” but can also be specific to get lower open rate but better sales “last chance to buy x”.
      • Start with curiosity and get more specific through the sequence.
      • Create information gaps of what they know and what they want to know (need to click link or keep reading to find out). Use story telling “want to hear how x ends or the other x tips click here “
    • Teasers / Titles
      • The last health x you will ever need
    • Amazon
      • Falcon fulfillment is a good option for to fulfill you own ecommerce off of Amazon.
      • Vary the keywords in Amazon (e.g. Weight loss and weightloss).
    • Best Paylink button is big orange “Add to Cart” with major credit cards and showing price discount
    • Have a good lead magnet that is short enough to get consumed and have a call to action and task/exercise at the end, and have people email you their answers for it. Very powerful and engaging.
    • Big face with eyes looking right at you: best lead conversion / click through.
    • Have ads open on new window so you don’t lose your audience.
    • Have video editor edit your videos so you have one take.
    • Get a community manager for your private membership group to keep it active.
    • Get automated credit card reminder for near expiration of anyone in membership site, etc.
    • FB Ads to webinars are a great way quickly build authority and be seen as an expert while building a list. Can learn webinars with kimra luna
    • Create landing page specific for each page/post to be more attractive to them per your content.
    • Free Traffic: Join 10k+ FB groups for relevant topics. FB group promotion, just ensure you provide some quality replies to people on the page (5-10 replies) before you drop your offer. Jab, Jab, Right Hook.
    • Live video is the fastest way to get sales.
    • Add FB retargeting pixel early to your web page to start building the audience early for later when you want to advertise.
    • Can upload your email list and pixel/target that way
    • Whiteboard videos are ideal for retention and attention. Meets at the brain basic level.
    • Tell them what they can expect. Keep tips down to 3-5. Video attention span cuts at 2.5 mins.
    • Affiliate
      • Can hire an affiliate manager for 10-15% to manage launch and get affiliates.
      • Disclose when you are affiliate promoting, i.e “I earn commission at no extra cost to you.” Shows the ins and outs of the product acting like it’s your own. Show how to use it, explain, video, how to set up.
      • Ask for higher commissions with affiliates if you are doing that well for them.
      • Pretty link to shorten and track affiliate links.
      • to get affiliate credit across countries. Otherwise you’ll only get US
  • Content Marketing / Copy

    • Use a blog to interview people, getting the tax deduction for travel expenses while attaining invaluable knowledge. Follow up with a gift.
    • Use words actually used to communicate clarity. Feel better instead of optimal wellness, for example.
    • Focus on the 10% of the people that LOVE your piece/post. Sure path to failure is trying to please everybody. Focus on evergreen too.
    • Tucker Max: always stick with the emotional truth as that resonates most with people.
    • Direct Response Copyrighting is extremely lucrative as it drives sales (writing about another company, product, etc. on a different site to drive traffic somewhere else)
    • Have a How-to make money with X skill website
    • Driving traffic to your site: Write for / post on other related companies / non-competitors to leverage their credibility if yours is not established. This helps give you visibility as well.
    • Write as simple as possible so that you can reach the largest audience
    • Use list articles (10 Things…) as they are the most widely shared.
  • Social Media

  • Software / Services / Websites

    • Use eCamm recording Skype convos and re-purpose for podcasts. Can take file and edit easily too.
      •Market research
      •Use Reddit to get feedback on what the market wants. E.g.  What would you change with yoga mats or what would be your ideal x.
      •Use YouTube instead of other video hosting platforms to get organic search to your sales page with YouTube as video for video sales letter. keywords to use for YouTube and Google searches
      •LinkedIn ProFinder: submit proposals to people requesting services to get new clients
      PR and Media

    • – B2C and B2B Lead List
      •VPS to outsource FB account without getting flagged – automated SEO
      •If you want to get started without professional help, there are plenty of services that offer easy and inexpensive distribution. is a popular option, and they have many options for releasing online press releases.
      •Amazon Businesses
      •Amazon FBA calculator Amazon market intelligence – find competitors’ suppliers is review proof from Amazon sales
    • – For Direct Mail / Business locations/address
    • Verify/get emails for lead generation
    • to find competitors
    • ONTRAPORT is an all-in-one platform that has the business tools, data, and customer info you need working together seamlessly.
      Putting that in a less-salesy way, with ONTRAPORT you can publish a website, market your product, collect payments, and keep track of your customers all from one place.
    • Rebump is a good auto follow up tool. for finding/verifying emails.
      Clearbit to find new contacts/companies.
    • E-Junkie: host eBook and shopping cart, integrates with all other product distribution vendors like ClickBank
    • Marketing/Copy
    • Payment Processors
      • Paypal Website
      • Payment Pro
      • Google Checkout
    • Market Research
    • Zonblast to rank products on Amazon.
    • Amazon Product Selling
    • Stripe: easy payment system to set up for your website.
    • to survey people for market research (what do you want to learn more about X?) and capture email.
    • Podcasting:
    • SEO
    • Easy Webinars: good service. Can create scarcity on automated webinars by setting up a buy now button for a bonus that vanishes after a set amount of time.
    • Autopilot for LinkedIn
    • website design
    • Leadpages is best for single page and call to action
    • Ubersuggest: free and suggested keywords to use for your article to boost SEO
    • Topsy: see what the top tweets are to find what’s hot.
    • for designing images
    • BuzzSumo to find best keywords and topics for writing articles and staying on the cutting edge.
    • Cartoon / Whiteboard Videos
      • The draw shop is top quality vendor for whiteboard videos.
      • Fiverr for cartoon explainer video for your site.
    • Online coarse/membership sites:

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