Resources & Recommended

I have personally used all of these and can vouch for every single one. There’s plenty other widgets, apps, wings, and dings I use, but these are the ones that matter and help the most. Some of them have transformed my body/fitness, and others I’ve leveraged to build entire businesses around. These are the requisite tools to smash life’s face in. Use them in the right combination or play around. Again, I only really care about things that tangibly improve my life, so rest assured I’ve given this some thought as to which will help you in this journey.

Feel and Look Better – #Health

Pete’s Paleo: Grass-fed, organic, sustainably-raised meals delivered to your door.

U.S Wellness Meats: 100% Grass-fed & Grass-finished Beef,  Shipped from New Zeland.

Alderspring Ranch Store: 100% Grass-fed & Grass-finished Beef, Sourced in the U.S. So Healthier for You and the Environment (if U.S. Citizen).

Kettle & Fire Bone Broth: 100% Grass-fed bone broth, drink and cook with this.

Thrive Market: Amazon for healthy food and products, at a discounted rate, AKA you get to have your [paleo] cake and eat it too. PRO TIP: I order Kettle & Fire from here for the discount.

Bulletproof: Top-grade, highest quality food products. Get the coffee.

Athletic Greens: The Whole Food Supplement For Optimal Health: Premium greens powder that tastes amazing.

FurtherFood: Collagen peptides for better skin, hair, gut health, and basically everything. Use discount code SIMPLEMADESEXY10

Get More Done In Less Time – #Productivity

Outsourcing Chores I Hate (Inherently Redundant)

Instacart: Groceries delivered to your door. I walk to the store now, but if I didn’t live so damn close, this would be my go-to.

Rinse: Laundry.

TaskRabbit: Virtually any home-related chore or otherwise. I use them to clean my apartment.

Outsourcing Business Tasks

Upwork: Hire virtual assistants across the world to do nearly anything. Pay competent workers for as low as $3/hr if you pick the right countries (Philippines).

Fiverr: Great for transactional quick-needs, like logos, formatting, etc. Amazing rates without even having to manage someone.

GoDaddy Bookkeeping: Auto-tracks my business expenses and revenue. Currently no paying for a bookkeeper. Automate that which can be delegated.

Apps That ACTUALLY Move The Needle

An app downloaded without a clear purpose or value-add is the equivalent of killing a tree or kitten. The handful below made the cut. 

Evernote: Digital notes for everything I do, business, research, ideas, you name it. Syncs across all devices.

Evernote Scannable: Scan documents from your phone to digitize all paper that still slips through the cracks. Stored in the Cloud/Evernote to access anytime.

Boomerang for Gmail: The best email extension ever. Let’s you send later, and “snooze” emails for a later date so nothing slips through whilst maintaining Inbox Zero.

1Password: The last password you’ll have to remember, with best-in-class security and user-friendliness. Even saves credit card info. If you ever lose or can’t remember another password, and you waste >5 mins trying to find it, you lost. Autofills login info, credit cards, etc. Allows you to share passwords to virtual assistants, family members, etc.

TextExpander: Stop writing the same phrase, sentence, or paragraph repeatedly. Allows you to auto-populate full sentences or even paragraphs per your customization. Great if you are responding to comments, messages on LinkedIn, etc. I refuse to write another “Thanks, Brian.” At this point, my responses are canned half the time. Generic questions get generic answers.

Grammarly: Email and document proofreading

G Suite: Storage, documents, email, spreadsheets in the Cloud.  Can share documents and sheets, giving edit privileges to coworkers and virtual assistants. Delegation Level 1.

Get In Ridiculous Shape While Having Fun – #Fitness

CrossFit: I used to hate too before I fully realized this is the best, organized way to master mobility and strength simultaneously. I still don’t wear their cult-clothing, but I’ll take the instructors’ range of motion and posture any day. Healthy competition mixed with dynamic workouts and warm-ups; this is a Type-A’s dream. It’s the ultimate gamification of fitness. Highly addictive.

Gymnastics: Gymnastics coach legend Chris Sommer put together this amazingly comprehensive video course to master flexibility and mobility without boring yourself to tears via traditional static stretches.

AcroYoga: Flexibility meets fun. Yoga with a partner. More excitement than regular yoga with less Goosfraba.

Dr. Eric Goodman and Foundation Training: 12 minutes a day to help mitigate and help prevent back pain. Great for posture too. 

Finance & Investing – #Wealth

Vanguard: The good guys of the investment world. This is my favorite brokerage with no transaction fees when buying low-cost Vanguard ETFs and Index Funds.

Mint: A single pane of glass to view all financial accounts, total wealth, trends over time, etc. Integrates with all banks, brokerages, and pretty much anywhere that holds your money.

Present Yourself to the World, Comfortably – #Clothing

Mizzen+Main: The Under Armor version of nice dress shirts; flexible, comfortable, wrinkle-free, fashionable (meaning I can wear this almost anywhere without getting laughed out of the party).