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I’d like to welcome you to this blog…

If you’ve ever finished a podcast or book and thought to yourself, “Wow, what an amazingly bloated draft of content. That could have been summarized in two sentences, and I damn sure wish they did.”

If you often say or think, “Please, can you bottom line it for me. Just tell me the actionable takeaways, the nuggets, the key steps, or the meat and potatoes.”

If you are tired of having to sift through the BS of ego-driven gurus just to get your answer.

If you are focused on getting more out of all aspects of life, hate compromise/trade-offs, and are looking to do so in a realistic or balanced manner. In short, you really care about having your cake and stuffing your face with it too. 

If you are tired of the noise and nonsense, and just want it delivered to you as straight and uncomplicated as possible. 


Everything you need to know to dominate life. Simplify, simplify, simplify. To create the blog and resource I wish I had my entire life: the one-stop-shop for simple solutions and answers to get the best results in the core areas of life: health, wealth, social, and happiness. Concurrently, it’s a revolt against all the crap out there and people who complicate information and confuse you to profit. No more ‘top’ one-percenters serving the one-percenters. If the answers aren’t effective (they yield the intended result), actionable (meaning you can ACTUALLY incorporate them into your busy daily life), and time/resource-efficient, they don’t belong here. This blog is my Gandhi – ‘Be the change that you wish to see in the world.’

Brian’s Laws

  • Time is your #1 greatest asset and nonrenewable resource. Everything you do for the duration of your life should be reverse-engineered with this in mind.
  • If something, material or otherwise, doesn’t have an identifiable material benefit, it must be eliminated with haste.
  • “80/20” with everything.
  • Health over money.
  • Minimalism over materialism.
  • Digital over paper.
  • Physique over fashion (in addition to almost everything over fashion).
  • Self-agency over conventionalism / following the herd. The herd sucks ass, and 50% of the herd is obese anyway.  
  • The best things in life aren’t things, they are relationships and experiences with amazing people and loved ones. The second best thing in life also isn’t a thing, it’s humor.
  • Elimination. Nine times out of ten, the best addition is a subtraction.
  • Information (with the intention of finding solutions) without action is worse than worthless. It’s a drain on your time and cognitive resource.
  • Reality over theory. Extreme practicality.
  • A rebirth of and veneration for common sense.
  • Balance with perpetual rebalancing to optimize for all areas of life.
  • There’s always a smarter more efficient way to get there.
  • If you don’t like the cards you’re dealt, flip the table.
  • Control is power.
  • Life is your greatest work of art. Design it well.
  • Simple answers for complex problems.
  • No ROI, no Brian.
  • N=1 is the most valuable piece of data.

Helpful Vernacular To Define Us

  • Simplifist (n.) – a person who practices minimalism and Essentialism.
  • Leveragist (n.) 
    • a) a person who follows the most efficient path to dominate health, wealth, time, etc. by only focusing on the actionable takeaways learned from best-in-class experts.
    • b) a person who leverages other people’s time, skills, expertise, money, or other assets to more efficiently produce an intended result.