The Ins and Outs of Business and Making Money – Principles and Tactics (Part 1)

The Ins and Outs of Business and Making Money – Principles and Tactics (Part 1)

  • Blogging & Writing

    • Principles

      • If you’re reading about a particular idea that’s got everyone’s attention, find a way to connect your own story to it. 
      • Block Duplicate Content – The golden rule when it comes to on-page SEO is to make sure that you limit repeating the same textual content on multiple URLs.  The way to do this on a blog is to make sure your blog home page isn’t posting the entire textual content of each post.  So make sure your settings are only showing snippets from the posts on the blog home page. Also, make sure you block your comments pages in your robots.txt file because they are usually duplicates of your blog posts.
      • Check Your Text Navigation – Search engines find their way to content by following hyperlinks. Make sure you can navigate to your blog from your main website home page via text links. If you can do that, then so can the search engines.
      • Best content pages are typically topics that surprise or shock people in some way, or clear up a confusing topic.
      • The best SEO is good, non-newsy content that remains relevant for years.
      • The general lesson is that you need to find the fulcrum of attention for your specific writing, and then use it to leverage yourself attention that you can turn into new readers. If you’re unsure how to do this, ask yourself, “What is interesting or engaging about my writing to other people? What about my writing are people responding to? How can I use that to get more attention?”
      • Write on topics that are timely and controversial. “Controversial” doesn’t necessarily mean scandalous; it means a position that runs counter to the mainstream or expectations.
  • Communication & Public Speaking

    • Principles

      • You can use tradeshows to network with people who would otherwise never return your email or phone call.
      • Meeting new people / first impressions: Notice something about other person and ask a question or make a statement that ties it in to make yourself stand out as different. 
    • Software and Services

      • Blue Jeans video conferencing (claims to be superior to Zoom)
  • Entrepreneurship & Growth

    • Principles 

      • The best business is to create the Disneyland experience where they want to come back and bring all their friends. 
      • Think and act ruthlessly long term. 
      • 4 Pillars of a good company 
        • Constantly implementing better business design
        • Identifying and hiring talent
        • Creating amazing culture at your company
        • Creating and executing the brand vision
      • Personal touches pay off
        • Tips go up 3% when a waiter serves a customer a wrapped chocolate.
        • Tips go up 2% when a waiter writes “Thank You” on a check.
        • Tips go up 4% when a waiter includes a weather forecast (i.e. “Tomorrow is looking to be a sunny day!”) on the back of a check.
        • Tips go up 8% when a waiter introduces himself to the table by his first name.
        • Tips go up 5% when a waiter touches a diner’s hand (this only works with female servers, apparently).
      • Percentage of monthly revenue from new customers vs. retained and referrals will tell you how well built the company is for long-term success (good example is Athletic Greens).   
      • Types of value for customers 
        • Simplicity (Basecamp)
        • Risk reduction
        • Elegance/style (Apple)
        • Environmentally friendly
        • Civic duty
      • Getting in touch with influencers
        • 1. Search their name on LinkedIn. Send them a connect request as a friend with a CUSTOM message. “Hey <first-name>, Huge fan of your business and wanted to talk about some cool products for your customers.”
    • 2. Email them.
    • I wait a day here as to NOT annoy them. If they don’t respond, then proceed to 3 and 4.
    • 3. Facebook message them with: “Hey, just wanted to make sure my message got through”.
        • 4. Tweet them. “Hey @twitter-handle. Love to see if we make some magic together. What’s the best email for you?”
        • Humility goes a long way. Rather than saying, “I did this, this, this and this. Let’s meet and swap ideas,” be very humble about it and say, “I’ve done as much research and background work as I think I can. Here are just three questions I’d love to ask you.” Start with just two sentences on who you are, why you’re credible and not a stalker. Instead of, “Let’s spend ten minutes on the phone,” just ask your questions right there in the email, adding, “If it’s easier for you, please feel free to call me. Use *67 if you don’t want me to have your number.” Then they’ll either get back to you by email or they might just call you.
      • Single most important thing for business success if you want to be a leader, CEO, anything: hire. 
      • Latch on to a popular service, then simplify it for others (e.g. Evernote Essentials book).
      • Look at what the rich are doing to know where businesses will go next. Cars are a good example, which used to be for only rich people. Now it’s experiences
      • Another business progression is increasing nuances and diversification within one product class. E.g. Not just watches, all types now available. 
      • Over the years, niche networking groups have developed in order to increase the effectiveness of local relationship building. Some common networking groups include:
        • LeTip – LeTip groups meet once a week and only one business per category is allowed (to avoid competition within the group). Members are required to either provide a business referral or do business with a member each week. This helps members understand what each other’s businesses are – thus catalyzing the networking effectiveness of the group.
        • BNI – Business Network International is similar to LeTip, but has groups outside of North America. The group mechanics are very similar in operation to LeTip. 
        • Your local chamber of commerce – The beauty of your local chamber of commerce is that they connect you with your city’s movers and shakers. These relationships can be hugely effective. 
      • Jason Fried – Basecamp CEO
        • Underdo the competition to help the people who are struggling just to get the basics down. Don’t one up the competition. simplify. 
      • You don’t have to recoup losses the same way you lose them. 
    • Software and Services

  • Hiring & Recruiting

    • Persistence plus curiosity are biggest predictors of employee success in knowledge economy. 
    • 3 Criteria for ideal hire 
      • Done the job/role before
      • Loves your brand 
      • Has rolodex of people to support the job and company. 
  • Legal & Tax

    • Deductible expenses for bloggers
      • The good news about running a business as a blogger is that you are allowed to deduct expenses that are considered reasonable and necessary to your profession. If you pay for advertising, supplies, office furniture, electronics, insurance or other goods and services that directly relate to your business, you can take those expenses off the income you earn as a blogger. If your office is in your home, you may be able to deduct some of your household expenses as well, including rent and utilities
  • Marketing

    • Principles 

      • Make your offer as compelling as possible to maximize conversions. E.g. 7-day free gym pass.
      • Send messages to companies’ FB page to solicit new business in lieu of paid ads. Start local and give personalized reference. 
      • 4 characteristics of a highly shared video 
        • Inspiring 
        • Entertaining (comedy or otherwise)
        • Awareness (what people are thinking, show them themselves. People want to feel seen and understood). 
        • NOT information 
      • We remember humor and it unusual ads better than others. Humor arousing and positive moments are more memorable .
      • Have highly consumable lead magnets of high value ( top 5 question, checklist, etc) for Facebook ads. Ebooks take too long to consume. The dream is simple: get your product in the hands of celebrities or “influencers,” and they create a ripple effect that skyrockets you to fame and fortune.
      • Baking shareable, spreadable messages into your product is the ultimate growth hack. As MIT’s Henry Jenkins puts it: on the web, “if it doesn’t spread, it’s dead.” 
      • It’s better to create a category than to fight in one. Being first and then striving for perfection — instead of fighting to be best in a crowded space — is the fastest path to mindshare.
        • Writer Chris Guillebeau, from The Art of Non-Conformity blog, provides a perfect example of the Corollary at work in a lifestyle business. Instead of starting yet another site offering generic lifehacking hints, Chris found an uncontested corner of his field to conquer. Specifically, he set out on a mission to visit every country in the world. The scope of this quest transformed him into a star among travel/lifehacking bloggers, and his site quickly become a lucrative success.
      • The Superstar Corollary
        • Being the best in a field makes you disproportionately impressive to the outside world. This effect holds even if the field is not crowded, competitive, or well-known.
      • In his book Buzz Marketing, author Mark Hughes lists the six buttons of buzz as:
        • The Taboo
        • Unusual
        • Outrageous
        • Hilarious
        • Remarkable
        • Secrets
      • Swannies blue light blocking glasses business is a good example of using cognitive biases to increase conversions (e.g. Add phone number and email to make them feel safe)
      • Use “you” as much as possible in copy
      • 4 step email launch sequence 
        • Customer case study / story from product results 
        • Reminder and paste first email below 
        • Sale is closing on <date> and post first email below 
        • Last call for the “I want more <customer name>-sale”
    • Software and Services

      • Use eCamm recording Skype convos and re-purpose for podcasts. Can take file and edit easily too. 
      • Market research 
        • Use Reddit to get feedback on what the market wants. E.g.  What would you change with yoga mats or what would be your ideal x. 
      • Use YouTube instead of other video hosting platforms to get organic search to your sales page with YouTube as video for video sales letter.  
      • keywords to use for YouTube and Google searches
      • LinkedIn ProFinder: submit proposals to people requesting services to get new clients
      • – get public relations & media coverage 
      • – B2C and B2B Lead List
      • VPS to outsource FB account without getting flagged 
      • – automated SEO
      • If you want to get started without professional help, there are plenty of services that offer easy and inexpensive distribution. is a popular option, and they have many options for releasing online press releases.
      • Amazon Businesses
  • Negotiation

    • Principles 

      • Replacing the word “um” or “uh” with silence is the fastest way to sound more intelligent, calculated, and crisp while negotiating (or speaking, in general). You can fix this behavior over time by filming yourself on Skype calls and reviewing the footage.
      • He or she who cares least wins. Have walk-away power and figure out your BATNA.
      • Options are power. If you can avoid it, never negotiate with one party. Get competing offers on the table.
  • Productivity 

    • Principles

      • Focus on what gives you energy and outsource the rest. 
      • Once you frame the question in terms of “how would I…?”, it is entirely possible to stop tolerating most of life’s annoyances and eliminate them altogether.
      • Avoid checking email if you don’t have time to deal with the problems, to avoid ruining relax/decompression time. 
      • Expect small problems. Life is full of compromises, and it’s necessary to let small bad things happen if you want to get huge good things done. There is no escape. Prevent all problems and get nothing done, or accept an allowable level of small problems and focus on the big things.
      • What you do is more important than how you do everything else, and doing something well does not make it important.
    • Outsourcing

      • The first rule of any [technology used in a] business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.
      • Give your accountant power of attorney to sign specific checks (for tax documents, etc.) on your behalf.
      • Outsource travel using very specific emails to virtual assistants with documented preferences, availability, etc. 
    • Software and Services

      • Remote Control Mail: scans and emails your mail
      • Visa Signature card and certain credit cards have concierge service to help book reserve and find things (e.g. hotels) for you for free. 
      • Shypp to outsource shipping 
      • Amazon Mechanical Turk ( popular and powerful crowdsourcing platform for simple tasks that computers cannot perform (yet), such as podcasts transcribing or text editing. There are also companies, like CrowdFlower, that leverage Mechanical Turk (and similar tools) for even more elegant solutions.
  • Sales & Persuasion 

    • Principles

      • If they aren’t committed and willing to express their commitment, don’t make an offer. 
      • Ask to be treated like a VIP for restaurants that you frequent. Tell the manager that you would entertain there often if you knew you’d be looked after. 
      • The bigger the ticket price, the better, as there is a direct correlation between the ticket price of the sale, and the integrity, empathy, listening skills, and caring you have to have as a salesperson in order to sell it.
      • Sales calls go better when you use pen and paper or walk around to feel and connect better than taking notes on computer
      • Describe things in as visual a way as possible so people can better comprehend and remember and be persuaded. Trump is the master of this, even at the risk of being wrong (e.g. “build a wall”) 
    • Closing

      • “Would you like me to tell you what I would do if I were in your shoes?”
      • Followed up with: ”Would you like me to help you do that?”
      • Mapping Goal to Solution
        • What’s your ideal solution to get to X (12 month goal)?
        • How committed are you to that?
        • “Really, why so high”
        • Repeat back what they say. 
        • Is there anything else you feel is important that you want to share? 
        • Would it be okay if I mapped out how to get to X?
Coffee Substitutes for Energy, Focus and Healing Adrenal Fatigue (My Mostly Failed Journey Off Of Coffee)

Coffee Substitutes for Energy, Focus and Healing Adrenal Fatigue (My Mostly Failed Journey Off Of Coffee)

The first question to ask is why would you want to get off of coffee to begin with? Outside of the nirvana and brag-worthy state of not being addicted to anything, the real reason I started looking for alternatives was to fix my adrenal fatigue and inflammation, which you can see my lab results from the Human Garage here. Caffeine, especially from coffee as opposed to green tea, is counterproductive for your tired adrenals. Whether or not you know that to be your situation, I still recommend going a month every so often free of coffee (or at least swap for decaf coffee) for related reasons. It wasn’t easy giving up my Bulletproof coffee every morning, so I had to find something to tide me over. I mostly failed in that endeavor but figured I’d share my findings anyway.

Option 1: Mocha Maca Powder

One of the recommended alternatives I picked up from the Human Garage was glorified maca powder so I started there. It looks like coffee when you blend it with hot water, but that’s about as far as the resemblance goes unfortunately. It was a bit more palatable adding the standard Bulletproof/fatty coffee ingredients (grass-fed butter, coconut oil, cocoa, collagen, etc.) but still nothing to write home about. I’ll do this a couple times a week, but it’s not a daily go-to after sufficient experimentation.

Option 2: Kombucha

Kombucha is the best tasting of all three options, but the drawback is due to the small sugar content I wouldn’t consider it to be the best option while trying to reap the benefits of intermittent fasting. If you just want something to sip on in the morning, and the mocha maca powder doesn’t float your boat, give the kombucha a try. I teach you how to ferment your own kombucha here. Heal your gut with the probiotics, and heal your adrenals with the reduced caffeine and coffee intake.

Option 3: Matcha Green Tea

I really, really wanted to like matcha green tea. It is literally the “10x” of green teas containing ten times the amount of antioxidants in regular green tea, or something to that effect. It’s a research-backed, generation-over-generation-proven superfood. I first tried steeping it in hot water and drinking it as a standalone hot tea, but it literally tastes like moss. What does moss taste like you might ask, and that answer is I don’t know but I do know matcha tastes terribly (unless it’s served as a frozen yogurt or ice cream that one would find at Kippy’s or Pressed Juicery, but then again sugar with anything is the ultimate antidote).

Next I tried drinking it cold, which took it from an F-flavor to a D-minus. Lastly I tried simply adding it in with the rest of my first-thing-in-the-morning water morning routine (with lemon juice, sea salt, apple cider vinegar, and Athletic Greens). This is where I’ve landed, but with the added matcha powder in it, I down it as fast as possible with all the other aforementioned ingredients to mask the matcha taste. One unexpected benefit of the matcha powder is that it tangibly reduced my appetite, rendering it the strongest solution I’ve found to endure a 16-hour fast without food cravings. Beyond that, my goal in life is to see how much money I can waste in one cup of water by adding all those added ingredients each morning.

If you have any other non-obvious healthful alternatives to coffee, feel free to comment below. I’ve tried yerba mate as well, but the cold hard fact is nothing compares to a good Bulletproof/fatty coffee (which is why I still drink it once a week for the performance-enhancing effects of caffeine for a personal record-shattering workout day).

P.S. Decaf coffee often has its own issues, so I’m not considering that right now, but it does seem to be the logical alternative.


The Total Cost Of Near-Perfect Health Without the Cooking, Shopping, and Work

The Total Cost Of Near-Perfect Health Without the Cooking, Shopping, and Work

How much does it really cost to eat as cleanly as possible without having to deal with extensive meal-prep, cooking, and shopping? If you could only pick the best, most impactful food choices and supplements, what would it run you? What’s the true cost of infinite laziness meeting perfect health? I was pleased to find that although it’s not a cheap date, it’s also not completely unrealistic. Like most things, there’s immense value in quantifying and defining exactly what you’re after – to live as healthfully as possible, on your terms, without exerting too many calories in the process (lame pun intended).

I’ve attached below the spreadsheet I encourage you to use and apply for yourself, along with a direct copy and paste of my inputs. To get the full measure of what your dream life costs, add in the rest of your living expenses (rent, travel, fun, etc.).

Plan instead of dream. Quantify don’t wonder. See it and achieve it.

Free Template/Download: Target Monthly Income

Website Item Monthly Consumption Quantity Unit Cost Total Cost Paleo Meal Delivery – 14 Meals 3.00 $249.00 $747.00 6 smoothies a week 2.00 $48.00 $96.00 30 600 Calorie Bottles 0.17 $183.60 $30.60 Kettle & Fire Grass-Fed Beef Bone Broth 8.00 $8.99 $71.92 30 servings 1.00 $87.00 $87.00 Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega SoftGels – 90 count 1.00 $31.50 $31.50 DOUBLE STRENGTH TURMERIC + BLACK PEPPER Capsules! 2 Month Supply! 1300mg! Non-GMO Turmeric Curcumin w Bioperine. 0.50 $18.99 $9.50 Multi-Vitamin Elite 0.50 $62.35 $31.18 180° Solution™ – CytoDetox® 0.08 $90.00 $7.50
Mixed Niacin Sauna Detox Supplement Package 0.08 $200.00 $16.67
Mixed Mixed 8 25 $200.00
Mixed Mixed 1 10 $10.00 85% Dark Chocolate 1 27.99 $27.99
Coffee, Tea, Kombucha 15 3 $45.00
Nutrition Subtotal $1,411.85
Mixed Mixed 1 30 $30.00
Membership 1.00 $220.00 $220.00 Tune Up 0.33 $300.00 $100.00
Cleaning 0.33 $180.00 $60.00
Premium 1.00 $480.00 $480.00
HEALTH TOTAL $2,301.85

Sales & Persuasion

  • Closing
    • “Would you like me to tell you what I would do if I were in your shoes?”
      •Followed up with: ”Would you like me to help you do that?”
      •Mapping Goal to Solution
      •What’s your ideal solution to get to X (12 month goal)?
      •How committed are you to that?
      •”Really, why so high”
      •Repeat back what they say.
      •Is there anything else you feel is important that you want to share?
      •Would it be okay if I mapped out how to get to X?
  • If they aren’t committed and willing to express their commitment, don’t make an offer.
    •Ask to be treated like a VIP for restaurants that you frequent. Tell the manager that you would entertain there often if you knew you’d be looked after.
    •The bigger the ticket price, the better, as there is a direct correlation between the ticket price of the sale, and the integrity, empathy, listening skills, and caring you have to have as a salesperson in order to sell it.
    •Sales calls go better when you use pen and paper or walk around to feel and connect better than taking notes on computer.
    •Describe things in as visual a way as possible so people can better comprehend and remember and be persuaded. Trump is the master of this, even at the risk of being wrong (e.g. “build a wall”)
  • To persuade or motivate people to action, appeal to SAFE: sex, appetite, fear, or ego. (Marketing, religion, and politics have mastered this).
  • Psychology of Human Misjudgment1.Reciprocation tendency, including tendency to act as others expect of you: this is why the ask-for-a-lot-and-back-off persuasion tactic works, even if the “backing off” request is still fairly high/unreasonable/otherwise something the person would not accept. This is also why it is powerful to do things, little or small, for other people (or your prospect) to get them to reciprocate.
  • Objection Handling
    • Need to speak with references
      • Name,  I hear you.  We have numerous written and video testimonials available.  We also have a rock solid ROI guarantee.  We have many clients, and we do respect their time since they are busy business owners.  We get many requests to speak to references every day, and they would overwhelm our clients.  Through helping clients over 7 years we’ve found that if our testimonials, honest and open conversation, and ROI guarantee does not suffice that a conversation with a happy client is not truly the decision point.  I’m happy to walk you through a real campaign, etc, but if that does not suffice, we certainly wish you the best.
    • Won’t Make Decision on Phone
      • “When people are stuck it’s typically price, the product, or something else, which is it for you?
      • “What’s your number 1 fear for doing this? What would you need to be able to overcome that fear here?
    • Partner
      • “You said in beginning of call you could make a decision, what’s going on with that?
      • If they are going to say yes, let’s save you the 3k start up fee now if they are going to say yes anyway.
      • If the partner is going to say no, then it’s actually them.
    • Too much money
      • You’re right it is a lot of money, that’s exactly why you need to do this.
    • “What do you mean?”
    • “What do you need to see specifically?”
      • “Great, do you have a piece of paper, okay write these things down:
        • Packaging and Messaging
        • Feeder Funnel
        • Paid Acquisition
        • Scaling and Systems
    • “We can do a refundable deposit to let you think about it and put another spot on our calendar. If you’re feeling sick tomorrow and don’t want to do it, we refund you. Does that make sense?”
    • Well can I not make the deposit and get back to you tomorrow?
      • “No.” (Silence)
      • “No?…” “What are you confused about?”
    • “Specifically what do you…?”
    • Preempt sales objections by education them prior or during sales call. Use industry research if possible.
    • Client:  I can’t afford it
      • EW: I completely understand (or agree).   It is a significant investment in yourself.  (rarely argue with a client) Agreement frame
      • But, If you don’t handle your  _________ (lack of systems, Mindset, confidence limiting beliefs, skillset etc.) now….won’t it cost you a lot more_____ in the future?  *consequence frame from NLP.
      • Client: Yes.
      • EW: So the real question is….
      • (Here I am about to change the clients focus and therefore feeling by directing them with a question to something they weren’t thinking about: >many ways to do this)
      • How do we find the money to get you the __________ (pleasure), so you can avoid the ________ (pain) of the last year or decade?
      • Because (because frame), you do want  ___________ (logical and emotional results, ex. more time or money), so you can have the freedom to live life on your terms.  Don’t you? Tie down Question to get more agreement
      • Client: Yes I do.
      • EW: So how can we get resourceful now to get ________ (emotional result).
  • Requires enthusiasm.
  • Control the energy and attention. Attention equals importance. Create names/monikers to create confirmation bias for people to see what you want them to see. Create visuals for people in their mind; Faces are great
  • (From Bre Johnson)•”How can I make your life better?•Or presume their pain points, does any of that resonate with you?•”What do you need to see/hear to change your view?”•People do what makes sense, so make it make sense for them. •Buyers who sense you’re needy will deflect your sales efforts and try to control you.
  • Pricing
    • People who complain about price often use that as excuse and really they don’t have the follow through and commitment. So even if you lowered your price, it still won’t help. Proof is you can give it to them for free and they won’t take action.
  • Psychology
    • People want what they can’t have.
    • People chase that which moves away from them.
    • People only value what they pay for.
  • Increase humility and humor commensurate with intensity.
  • Humor allows you to disarm peoples defenses so your message is more easily received.
  • Cold Calling  / Responding to “Not Interested”
    • “Wait, one question before you leave, if I offered you a million dollars to jump out of a plane without a parachute, would you do it? Well, had you asked for some more info, i would have told you that the plane is on the ground, so Mr. Customer the moral of the story is don’t make a decision without all the information. So let me explain it to you…”
  • Detach from outcome, guide don’t force.
  • Find your customers problem, their desire, and their obstacles to solving the problem. Your business addresses this. Asking these questions, vulnerability begets vulnerability so build rapport and be vulnerability and open up.
  • Focuses on loss avoidance not gains. Risk aversion.
  • Focus on them, their story, and what they don’t know (business or personal insight for them).
  • When you talk about yourselves, talk about your differentiators so you don’t get in a price war with the comparable competitor.
  • Make a friend, you make a sale. People buy from people they know, like, and trust.
  • Have people in the meeting come up with questions so they co-own the meeting. Phrase your questions to them to with the end in mind. E.g how can we create a win win partnership to grow the business as opposed to how can we get you bought in.
  • Get someone to intellectually realize a future benefit and get them to emotionally commit towards the achievement of that benefit.
  • Don’t sell. Get them to justify their own reasoning and why they want what they want without insulting them. “Do you see value here, don’t want to send you a checkout..”
  • Use long pauses for big talkers.
  • Subtly mimicking people makes them like and trust you more. Works in sales, negotiation, etc. posture, verbal, mannerisms, etc.
  • Put people in a positive mood to make them smarter and influence them more.
  • People buy for their reasons, not yours.
  • If logic/reason doesn’t work, go for their ego – “you will be the king/leader of XYZ”
  • Don’t tell people they are wrong.
  • Make a friend, make a sale.
  • Show how your product solves a solution.
  • Benefits over features.
  • Know your product and go the extra mile.
  • People buy for their reasons, not yours.
  • Mirroring trick: repeat last 3 words they said with an inquisitive tone.
  • If you solve a real problem for someone and they trust you can solve it, price is a triviality.
  • When you ask people what they’ve done to solve the problem and they don’t have an answer, it’s probably not important enough to them.
  • People buy because they feel understood, not because they understand what you do.
  • 1. 6 Universal Shortcuts
  • 1. Reciprocity: personalized and seemingly unexpected, not just what you give.
  • 2. Authority: credible, knowledgeable, expert. Can be validated by someone you are connected with or even someone who benefits from professing you as an expert (e.g. the Realtor customer service rep).
  • 3. Consistency: looking for and asking for small commitments that can be made. Start with small acts/commitments to lead up to bigger, related commitments.
  • 4. Liking
    • Those similar to us
    • Those who pay us compliments
    • Those who cooperative with us towards mutual goals
    • Build rapport BEFORE getting down to business
  • 5. Scarcity: show benefits and what they stand to lose.
  • 6. Consensus
  • 1. People look to other people’s behavior to determine their own. People will conform to the perceived norm, so show or tell them what the norm is.
  • 2. E.g. 75% of guests reuse their towel sign.
  • 2. TOUCH: Touch People Lightly on The Upper Arm. Lightly touching someone on their upper arm makes them far more likely to agree to a request because the touch is unconsciously perceived as a sign of high status. In one dating study, the touch produced a 20 percent increase in the number of people who accepted an invitation to dance in a nightclub and a 10 percent increase in those who would give their telephone number to a stranger on the street.
  • 3. Lower voice increases your trustworthiness/persuasion
  • 4. BE SIMILAR: Regardless of whether the similarity is in dress, speech, background, age, religion, politics, drinking and smoking habits, food preferences, opinions, personality, or body language, we like people who are like us, and we find them far more persuasive than others.
  • 5. USE HUMOR: It seemed that the brief humorous aside momentarily put the participant in a good mood and encouraged them to be more giving. So, next time you’re trying to get what you want, remember to mention your pet frog.
  • 6. INDIVIDUAL OVER MASS: To increase the chances of getting people to help, send the message to each person individually.
  • 7. RECIPROCITY: Several other studies have also illustrated how apparently spontaneous favors can elicit a powerful need to reciprocate.
  • 8. FOOT IN THE DOOR: These experiments demonstrate the power of the “foot in the door” technique. People are far more likely to agree to a big request if they have already agreed to a small one. More than forty years of research has shown that the technique works in many different situations.10 Get people to make modest donations to charity, and larger ones will follow. Get employees to agree to little changes in working conditions, and bigger ones are accepted more readily. Get them to change normal lightbulbs for low-energy ones and the likelihood of far more significant energy-efficient lifestyle changes increases.