How I Compared to Health Guru Ben Greenfield (And Why Everyone Needs to Visit the Human Garage)

How I Compared to Health Guru Ben Greenfield (And Why Everyone Needs to Visit the Human Garage)

I saw that Ben Greenfield (prominent health and fitness influencer and self-proclaimed biohacker) recently chanced upon a place I have been holding in my back pocket for several months, waiting for an opportune time to give it my full endorsement. The Human Garage, in beautiful Venice, California is the place of which I speak. Simply put, it’s the most holistic and bleeding-edge health center to improve your body alignment, biochemical wellbeing, energy, and mind. They have several modalities to accomplish this, along with the absolute best supplements one may find on earth. Basically, their standard for anything they do or sell to improve your health is an 11 out of 10.

I’ve gone through their full protocol of multiple sessions, along with a subclinical wellness test to better tailor their recommendations for me. My results are below, along with Ben Greenfield’s. The provider they use for the wellness analysis, QurEcology, is apparently one of the best, with extremely unforgiving and stringent gradings for the most relevant biomarkers ranging from digestion to inflammation to toxicity. If you’ve ever wondered if you have “adrenal fatigue,” this would be the best indication. Sure, you can just go off of how you feel, but why not get reliable data on your health. In God we trust, all else bring data.

Now, health is not a competition and this post title is admittedly a bit clickbaity, but I have very real lessons learned through comparing my results to someone like Ben Greenfield, such as:

  • Get tested. Get the data. Don’t assume anything.
  • Never give someone too much credit or worse, not give yourself enough credit.
  • Lifestyle takes its toll. Ben travels all over the world and has a packed schedule giving talks, training for long-distance endurance competitions, etc. That undoubtedly impacted his results.
  • Simple is better than complex. Ben has tried every biohacking tool under the sun, but that is majoring in minors. The majors being the basics of health (meditation, breathing, gratitude, love, nature, non-excessive exercise, and the rest of the stuff I beat you over the head with in this blog). I get caught up in the latest and greatest as is human nature to seek novelty, but discipline myself to execute on the 80/20 of health (and per below that has evidently paid off). Anything I do past that is whimsical and hopeful experimentation derived from my obsession with health.

If you have lingering back pain or neck pain, want to realign yourself to undo years of sitting and the 21st century sedentary lifestyle, or simply want to upgrade your mind and body through the most exquisite experience, I highly recommend you make the trip to Venice and visit Human Garage. They have a waiting list and all that jazz, so check in with them first.

Brian’s biochemical lab results from the Human Garage (QurEcology Biochemical Wellness Analysis)

  • Green/good count: 8
  • Yellow/mediocre count: 6
  • Red/poor count: 0

Ben Greenfield’s biochemical lab results from the Human Garage

  • Green/good count: 1
  • Yellow/mediocre count: 7
  • Red/poor count: 6

If you’re reading this Ben, know that I would jump at the chance to learn from you, as I have done so in the past, along with your friend, old roommate and vacuum-vixen Brett.

Healthy Restaurants Simplified: 5 Drop Dead Places In San Francisco, Los Angeles & New York

Healthy Restaurants Simplified: 5 Drop Dead Places In San Francisco, Los Angeles & New York

I’m always on the lookout for grass-fed and organic restaurants since that’s usually the best litmus test to know if they are serving food devoid of vegetable oils and other crap you’d otherwise be hard-pressed to avoid. Travel is hard enough on your body, make it up by enjoying the healthy food offerings at these locations. Maybe I’m just a happy loner but I’ve never been more satisfied sitting there eating my “ice cream” at Erewhon on a sunny day in LA. I’ve yet to find a restaurant that can top any of these places in terms of clean/organic ingredients.

San Francisco

Roam Artisan Burgers: This is my standard go-to whenever I eat out in San Francisco. 100% Grass-fed beef and 100% amazing burgers. They even have grass-fed bison as an option, so you know they aren’t messing around.

Los Angeles

Bulletproof Coffee: Literally the best coffee on the planet, but they finally opened a couple cafes in LA that serve grass-fed beef bowls, wild Alaskan salmon “toast,” bone broth soups, etc. Try a Bulletproof coffee as your gateway drug, and the food is premium quality. This company does not compromise on quality.

Erewhon: Their tagline is, “If it’s here it’s good for you.” I couldn’t agree more. This grocery store (also serving cooked meals) is bar none the healthiest joint. Bring your wallet, but my god is this place worth a stop. Try the Mint Chip Energizer “ice cream.”

Kippy’s! Organic Non-Dairy Ice Cream Shop: Coconut cream and raw honey-sweetened ice cream. Life-changing. No preservatives. Finally a dessert with all taste and no guilt.  

New York

Hu Kitchen: The best you could hope for. All organic, grass-fed, wild caught, etc. A wide array of options and trendy, upbeat vibe. Hard to beat, easy to love, I’m hard to love.