How I Compared to Health Guru Ben Greenfield (And Why Everyone Needs to Visit the Human Garage)

How I Compared to Health Guru Ben Greenfield (And Why Everyone Needs to Visit the Human Garage)

I saw that Ben Greenfield (prominent health and fitness influencer and self-proclaimed biohacker) recently chanced upon a place I have been holding in my back pocket for several months, waiting for an opportune time to give it my full endorsement. The Human Garage, in beautiful Venice, California is the place of which I speak. Simply put, it’s the most holistic and bleeding-edge health center to improve your body alignment, biochemical wellbeing, energy, and mind. They have several modalities to accomplish this, along with the absolute best supplements one may find on earth. Basically, their standard for anything they do or sell to improve your health is an 11 out of 10.

I’ve gone through their full protocol of multiple sessions, along with a subclinical wellness test to better tailor their recommendations for me. My results are below, along with Ben Greenfield’s. The provider they use for the wellness analysis, QurEcology, is apparently one of the best, with extremely unforgiving and stringent gradings for the most relevant biomarkers ranging from digestion to inflammation to toxicity. If you’ve ever wondered if you have “adrenal fatigue,” this would be the best indication. Sure, you can just go off of how you feel, but why not get reliable data on your health. In God we trust, all else bring data.

Now, health is not a competition and this post title is admittedly a bit clickbaity, but I have very real lessons learned through comparing my results to someone like Ben Greenfield, such as:

  • Get tested. Get the data. Don’t assume anything.
  • Never give someone too much credit or worse, not give yourself enough credit.
  • Lifestyle takes its toll. Ben travels all over the world and has a packed schedule giving talks, training for long-distance endurance competitions, etc. That undoubtedly impacted his results.
  • Simple is better than complex. Ben has tried every biohacking tool under the sun, but that is majoring in minors. The majors being the basics of health (meditation, breathing, gratitude, love, nature, non-excessive exercise, and the rest of the stuff I beat you over the head with in this blog). I get caught up in the latest and greatest as is human nature to seek novelty, but discipline myself to execute on the 80/20 of health (and per below that has evidently paid off). Anything I do past that is whimsical and hopeful experimentation derived from my obsession with health.

If you have lingering back pain or neck pain, want to realign yourself to undo years of sitting and the 21st century sedentary lifestyle, or simply want to upgrade your mind and body through the most exquisite experience, I highly recommend you make the trip to Venice and visit Human Garage. They have a waiting list and all that jazz, so check in with them first.

Brian’s biochemical lab results from the Human Garage (QurEcology Biochemical Wellness Analysis)

  • Green/good count: 8
  • Yellow/mediocre count: 6
  • Red/poor count: 0

Ben Greenfield’s biochemical lab results from the Human Garage

  • Green/good count: 1
  • Yellow/mediocre count: 7
  • Red/poor count: 6

If you’re reading this Ben, know that I would jump at the chance to learn from you, as I have done so in the past, along with your friend, old roommate and vacuum-vixen Brett.

The Total Cost Of Near-Perfect Health Without the Cooking, Shopping, and Work

The Total Cost Of Near-Perfect Health Without the Cooking, Shopping, and Work

How much does it really cost to eat as cleanly as possible without having to deal with extensive meal-prep, cooking, and shopping? If you could only pick the best, most impactful food choices and supplements, what would it run you? What’s the true cost of infinite laziness meeting perfect health? I was pleased to find that although it’s not a cheap date, it’s also not completely unrealistic. Like most things, there’s immense value in quantifying and defining exactly what you’re after – to live as healthfully as possible, on your terms, without exerting too many calories in the process (lame pun intended).

I’ve attached below the spreadsheet I encourage you to use and apply for yourself, along with a direct copy and paste of my inputs. To get the full measure of what your dream life costs, add in the rest of your living expenses (rent, travel, fun, etc.).

Plan instead of dream. Quantify don’t wonder. See it and achieve it.

Free Template/Download: Target Monthly Income

Website Item Monthly Consumption Quantity Unit Cost Total Cost Paleo Meal Delivery – 14 Meals 3.00 $249.00 $747.00 6 smoothies a week 2.00 $48.00 $96.00 30 600 Calorie Bottles 0.17 $183.60 $30.60 Kettle & Fire Grass-Fed Beef Bone Broth 8.00 $8.99 $71.92 30 servings 1.00 $87.00 $87.00 Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega SoftGels – 90 count 1.00 $31.50 $31.50 DOUBLE STRENGTH TURMERIC + BLACK PEPPER Capsules! 2 Month Supply! 1300mg! Non-GMO Turmeric Curcumin w Bioperine. 0.50 $18.99 $9.50 Multi-Vitamin Elite 0.50 $62.35 $31.18 180° Solution™ – CytoDetox® 0.08 $90.00 $7.50
Mixed Niacin Sauna Detox Supplement Package 0.08 $200.00 $16.67
Mixed Mixed 8 25 $200.00
Mixed Mixed 1 10 $10.00 85% Dark Chocolate 1 27.99 $27.99
Coffee, Tea, Kombucha 15 3 $45.00
Nutrition Subtotal $1,411.85
Mixed Mixed 1 30 $30.00
Membership 1.00 $220.00 $220.00 Tune Up 0.33 $300.00 $100.00
Cleaning 0.33 $180.00 $60.00
Premium 1.00 $480.00 $480.00
HEALTH TOTAL $2,301.85

Nutrition – Elite Tips


  • Food and Meal Delivery
  • Carbs
  • Fats and Oils
  • Protein
  • Supplements
  • Eating Habits & Practices
  • Healthy Desserts & Meals/Recipes
  • Cooking & Food Preparation
  • Food When Traveling or On-The-Go
  • Spices & Flavorings
  • Beverages
  • Sweeteners
  • Optimal Gut Microbiome
  • The 4-Hour Body Diet
  • Restaurants
  • Miscellaneous

Food and Meal Delivery


  • Oxalates in raw greens bind to iron and reduce your iron content.
  • Mochi is a healthy substitute for making waffles / carb cheat meals.
  • Low carb for too long/much will cause gut issues, joint pain, dry eyes, etc.
  • * With high inflammation, I always suggest folk quit wheat/gluten, dairy and sugar for at least 30 days, ideally, forever. People who eat a lot these foods often notice a big reduction in pain, increased weight loss and mood improvements.
  • * When counting carbs, you don’t need to be exact, or count all foods.  Just count grains, alcohol, yams, potatoes, squashes, fruits and desserts.  Try living by the 80/20 rule AFTER the 90 days, if you/we see a good improvement on your test and how you feel.  For now, it’s best to do the 100% or 90/10 rule.
  • * Get to know your average carb intake. Then reduce your carbs to about 85-95 grams/day AND get those carbs from healthier sources listed below.  If you don’t feel so good after going that low, experiment with increasing it to 100 or so.
  • * Best carb sources are sweet potatoes, hard squashes, low sugar fruits like blueberries, strawberries, quinoa and buckwheat.  Worst carbs are wheat, rye, barley, sourdough (all contain gluten and gliadin), sugar, alcohol, and potatoes, and other grains like corn and rice.  Does it mean you can never have them?  No.  It means choose better sources as often as possible.
  • Too low carb raises cortisol to do gluconeogenesis. Better to have some carbs. More necessary for the more intense you exercise. One sign for this is if you are waking up too early.
  • Mochi: bread like Japanese rice.
  • Black currants are the best sirtuin / anti aging food
  • Bok Choy is a great detoxifier but too much messes up your thyroid.
  • Wash brown rice to reduce arsenic

Fats and Oils

  • When not to eat coconut oil:
    • “If you’re not eating your vegetables,” he says, “coconut oil is bad for you. Coconut oil will escort the bad parts of your gut bacteria into your bloodstream. A tablespoon or two of coconut oil is great—if you eat it with a ton of veggies, you’re fine. But if you eat it with whole grains, or sugar, it’s likely to have negative effects on your body.”
    • Too much coconut oil or any fat source can cause GI upset
  • Biotin: prolonged consumption of raw egg white continues to deficiency, but otherwise deficiency is rare.
  • * For a lot of people, the missing link is more fat.  Experiment with incorporating good fats like avocado, ghee, coconut oil, olive oil (unheated is best), and fish and fish oil supplements, most nuts (if not roasted, but soaked and dehydrated).  You can find these at Erewhon and Whole Foods.  There is ample research showing that high quality fat, helps people lose weight, mainly through reduced inflammation, satiety and blood sugar stabilization.  And avoid bad fats like soy, corn, rapeseed, and canola, that contribute to weight gain, inflammation and heart disease.
  • Can blend avocado seeds for other health benefits. High in antioxidants.
  • The olive oil club is a good subscription to avoid adulterated olive oil (very common).
  • Olive oil: buy made in California, not European. Buy bottles with dark glass to prevent light oxidation.
  • Brazil nuts are the richest source of selenium, with only a few needed a day for optimal levels. However, they are often moldy and if you eat a healthy/Bulletproof diet, you won’t need the additional selenium. Macadamia nuts are also super healthy due to their squalene (antioxidant) content and high monounsaturated fatty acid content. Roasted nuts may oxidize the lipid profile, so it’s better to opt for raw nuts.
  • Opt for Extra Virgin or Expeller pressed Coconut oil over “naturally” processed (fermented) which is often moldy.
  • Olive oil often contains vegetable oils as well (FDA will allow it). Opt for avocado or macadamia nut oil if can’t get better source.
  • Chia seeds and Ground flaxseed oxidizes easily so avoid as its pro-inflammatory.
  • Flax seeds and other phytoestrogens actually block your estrogen receptors so you become more resilient against excess estrogen and xenoestrogens.


  • Canned light is 3x less mercury than canned white or albacore tuna.
  • Protein can raise insulin and blood sugar similarly to carbs when eaten in excess (via gluconeogensis). Moderate protein on a low carb or ketogenic diet.
  • Beef broth is better than bone broth given the more robust bones and marrow. Chicken broth is easier on the gut though.
  • Hemp seeds and sprouted lentils are great sources of non-meat protein.
  • Protein can get oxidized so avoid cured or fried, high heat meats.  Avoid frozen and packaged ideally too. Opt for as fresh as possible.
  • Limit protein per sitting and overall. It can cause blood sugar to spike and most people can’t absorb that much protein in a sitting.
  • Glycine is only really available though bone marrow and is needed for serotonin production, easy to get the ratios are off when you eat meat but not eat organ meats and bone marrow.


  • Vitamin B-Complex Caps. This covers all of your bases for the B vitamins. These pills are free from common allergens, like soy, yeast, barley, wheat, and lactose.
  • Clean Chlorella and Spirulina: ENERGYbits
  • Krinos Mastic gum to help stave off hunger during fasting and for stomach health
  • •Take Organifi (or greens powder of choice) 2x/day once per day, once in morning first thing on empty stomach, then in middle afternoon after lunch for optimal results
  • Restore 4 life to heal gut and fight against glyphosate
  • NSF database to check which supplements are certified. Most rigorous supplement certification.
  • Plant sourced minerals by natural vitality
  • Fish oil1.Wiley’s Finest fish oil
  • Need potassium to absorb magnesium optimally.
  • Ideal time to take activated charcoal for poor or moldy food is 30 mins before and during the meal.
  • Once opened fish oil will last about 3 months. Know if it turned if it tastes, smells, or burps fishy.
  • Take fish oil with antioxidants to prevent oil oxidation. Super essentials is good brand.
  • Ashwaganda has lowers stress, increases testosterone, improves muscle recovery as well as creative.
  • Labdoor is a good 3rd party to test supplements, free to consumers. Paid through affiliate marketing so buy through his site.
  • Kelp powder: iodine catches fluoride, so take that everyday.
  • Test your omega-3 supplements you already have: You can check to see if your fish oil is oxidized if you cut open a gel capsule, squirt the fat out onto a plate, and smell it. If it smells rotten, then it’s no good
  • Thorn Fx has top supplements. Excellent multivitamin
  • Phytoplankin is extremely bioavailable and extremely potent at mitigating against oxidative stress.
  • Can ingest up 30 grams of fish oil for 6 months to get optimal levels, which can then be sustained via proper diet. (Charles Poliquin)
  • Zinc helps the body detox (good for the xenoestrogens) and is androgenic, promoting testosterone. 180mg a day for 6 months.
  • Magnesium is low in almost all people even with a good diet. Supplement up to 4 grams a day for men and 2.4 for women. Vary the sources as different magnesium structures  support different body parts and bodily functions.
  • Omega 3 avail by designs for health is a great fish oil as it adds vitamin k1,k2, and Vitamin d3 to maximize the fish oil benefits.
  • If you supplement iodine, ensure you get adequate selenium.
  • Maca may have some adverse longterm side effects when taken continuously and on a daily basis. The dosage of maca can range from 500 mg to 2,000 mg a day. However, for long term use, we suggest a dosage of maca not to exceed 500 mg a day. As with most herbs or dietary supplements, it is a good idea to take a week off each month.
  • Many protein powders, and more so vegan protein powders, contain significant amounts of trace heavy metals.
  • Cod Liver Oil Dosage ¼ – ½ teaspoon 2-3 times per day for teens and adults for a total of ½ – 1½ teaspoons per day The amount of cod liver oil you should take depends on your deficiency of fat-soluble vitamins A and D, your weight, your level of sun exposure and your overall health. I suggest starting with this dosage level, and then either increase or decrease your dose depending on what feels best for you. Don’t be afraid to skip taking cod liver oil on some days, and to take more on other days. 2½ of Green Pasture’s™ cod liver oil capsules equals about a quarter teaspoon.
  • Skate Liver Oil Dosage ⅛ – ¼ teaspoon 2 – 3 times per day (¼ – ¾ teaspoons daily)
    • Skate liver oil can be used in replacement of cod liver oil, or with cod liver oil. Adjust your dosage accordingly. Skate liver oil is a hidden secret to obtaining a very high concentration of fat-soluble vitamins, the type of vitamins that make teeth and bones extra hard. I recommend its use along with cod liver oil. To obtain your skate liver oil go to:
  • Summary of Ideal Fat-Soluble Vitamin Supplementation ½ teaspoon of Blue Ice™ royal blend 2-3 times per day (1 – 1 ½ teaspoons daily) — together with – ⅛ teaspoon of Blue Ice™ fermented skate liver oil 2-3 times per day. (¼ to ½ teaspoon daily)
  • Cycle off of and be careful not to over due supplementation, particularly fat soluble vitamins which accrue in the body. When receiving too much from exogenous (external) sources, your body will minimize internal production to preserve resources.
  • Topical frankincense oil to ameliorate strained, sprained, or in a constant state of spasm joints, tendons, and muscles.
  • Raw, organic vanilla bean powder: highly anti-inflammatory and powerful antioxidant properties, has aphrodisiac properties as a plus.
  • Marine phytoplankton in Algae based formula to improve healing and recovery as they are stem cell precursors.
  • Colostrum to increase testosterone and improve HRV on empty stomach
  • Best Probiotics
  • Vitamin C helps with carb digestion. Take supplement.
  • Upgraded activated charcoal to detox. Good for after eating at a restaurant and after traveling (traveling upsets your gut biome). Take on empty stomach so it doesn’t bind to food nutrients.
  • Tongkat ali is effective at mitigating the negative impacts of stress, including stress-induced loss of libido/testosterone, by raising testosterone.
  • Phosphatidyl Serine supplements have been shown to increase your resistance to stress, manifested by improved mood and blunted cortisol after physical exercise.
  • Milk thistle may improve liver function, effectively serving as a detoxifier
  • Top whey protein: Biotrust
  • Adaptogens (stress-resilience)
    • Rhodiola rosea
    • Ginseng (Asian, Siberian, American species)
    • Eleutherococcus senticosus is the Siberian species that is strongest
    • Ashwaganda
    • Astragulus
    • Licorice root
    • Schisandra
  • Anti-Viral
    1. Lomatium, red root, licorice, isatis (all in tincture form)

Eating Habits & Practices

  • Add daily veggie smoothie to get adequate veggies and micronutrients. Juice strips fiber so smoothie is better.
  • Limit stored foods with preservatives, as they act as antibiotics.
  • Have coffee/caffeine approximately 90 mins after waking for when cortisol starts to drop.
  • Biotin: prolonged consumption of raw egg white continues to deficiency, but otherwise deficiency is rare.
  • * Don’t drink cold water, and don’t drink with meals (shock to digestion and doesn’t hydrate in the former, dilutes stomach acid in the latter).  Have water and other liquids hot or room temperature, and drink 30 minutes before eating, or an hour after meals.
  • * Eat one meal a day (at least) mindfully.  Take 4-5 deep breaths, smell your food, give gratitude, and enjoy the meal slowly.  HUGE for improving digestion, and in turn, all other biomarkers.
  • Eat fiber (plant based) with short chain fatty acids like coconut oil. Otherwise can be inflammatory
  • Morning bowel movement / Laxative / produce bowel movement: water with lemon juice and a teaspoon of baking soda and/or coffee
  • Two thirds of plate should be veggies. Rest protein/fat.
  • Food cravings
    • Sniff mint to reduce
    • Tap forehead 5 times
  • Ketosis for too long (2 months) increases cortisol. Eat carbs regularly.
  • Avoid excessive liquid when eating to maintain the right stomach acidity for digestion. 15 minutes before and an hour after eating.
  • Eating your food fast puts your in a sympathetic state which leads to decreased blood flow to your stomach and decreased digestion and absorption of nutrients. Eat slowly to maintain a parasympathetic state.
  • ADD FOOD VARIETY: There are, however, two main takeaways from my food allergy experiments and polling: most problems are caused by gluten, which you shouldn’t be eating much of in the first place; and you can create food allergies if you eat the same foods and same protein sources all the time. The fix: Follow the Slow-Carb Diet, and change your main protein sources and staple meals every month or so. Rotate foods and add variety as you can wear down your body’s digestive enzymes required for the same foods repeatedly eaten.
  • To mitigate the damages if eating junk/restaurant food: eat healthy saturated fat (butter or MCT oil)
  • Drink wine and/or eat vegetables when you eat cooked meat/chicken to mitigate the effects of toxin and carcinogen formation that comes with cooking meats at higher temperatures.
  • Take time to chew your food for optimal digestion.
  • Elimination diet for 30 days is good if you need a big reset from overtraining, shot adrenals, food allergies, etc.
  • It’s good to have cheat meal occasionally to get exposure to gluten, oxidized fats, etc. so you build up tolerance and increase your glutathione.

 Healthy Desserts, Meals, Recipes, and Snacks

  • Snacks
    •  Paleo valley fermented beef jerky
  • Desserts
    • Simply Gum is the best natural brand.
    • Caveman Cookies
    • Wonderfully Raw Macaroons
    • Coco-Roons
    • Coconut ice cream: blend and freeze coconut milk, bananas, cocoa powder, cinnamon, vanilla extract, stevia and/or maple syrup.
    • Coconut macaroons: mix and bake eggs, honey, salt, coconut flakes.
    • Coconut ball: coconut flakes, butter, honey
    • Phat Fudge
  • Salad: lots of veggies, sauce blended: avocado, olive oil, spices, brain octane. + Grass fed meat or fish
  • Butternut squash soup made with beef broth and the cream juiced from fresh coconuts (you can use coconut cream in jars as a replacement).

Cooking & Food Preparation

  • Add water to sautéing to expedite heating up.
  • Better to cook/bake and peel tubers, including sweet potatoes.
  • Pressure cooker is ideal for health and time
  • Induction burner is safest way to heat and cook
  • Cracking eggs on a flat surface is more efficient than on edge of pan; less chips in pan.
  • Too much vanilla, and stevia, makes the meal bitter. Use sparingly.
  • After pouring in baking soda, mix quickly and put in oven.  before all bubbles form
  • Do not open oven within 20 minutes of baking.
  • Bake from the bottom of oven.

Eating When Traveling or On-The-Go

  • NatureBite Energy Bar is healthiest bar yet.
  • Ample meal replacement. Can use coconut milk, water, or any base.
  •  Senna leaf tea for laxative. Good for traveling
  •  Pemmican from US wellness meats and/or Jerky and/or Epic bars
  • Living Fuel Supergreens (better than Athletic Greens)
  • Dark chocolate (soy, gluten, and dairy eating evolved is a great brand)
  • Chia seeds
  • Chlorella and spirulina (Energybits is a good brand)

Spices & Flavorings

  • Crushing garlic releases an enzyme called alliinase, which becomes beneficial organosulfur compounds. Crush and let sit for 10 minutes prior to eating for optimal effect. Note: Chew and eat parsley to reduce the malodorous effects of garlic.
  • O’brother that’s hot organic sauce.
  • Balsamic vinaigrette is high mold and metal toxicity. Substitute with apple cider vinegar and a little bit of sweetener (xylitol or stevia).
  • Bulletproof – limit dried herbs/spices, especially cloves
    • Black paper always as mycotoxins
    • Oregano is safe
    • Keep away from moisture
    • Don’t open then put in freezer – once exposed mold will grow


  • Water
    • Aquatru plug in countertop reverse osmosis filter (no plumbing setup
    • * When asking a water store how they purify the water, Reverse Osmosis, Charcoal and UV light are all good methods (they each do different things) of purifying.  Get a crock and some 2-3 gallon bottles (or glass is you can carry and afford) and move away from bottled, BPA leaching bottles and cans as soon as possible.
    • Structured water filter to give water natural vibration after it passed through filter.
    • Himalayan salt with water in morning is extremely energizing and aryvedic.
    • Use glass bottles for Pellagrino. Great to supplement with your water and other liquids.
  • Kombucha
    • Always burp the kombucha as it can explode and severely hurt you. Don’t leave out for too long.
    • Place Kombucha in separate container at room temp for 2 days before putting in fridge to let it carbonate. Skinny bottles are better than wide top for carbonating.
    • Heat and yeast carbonate the kombucha, so leave out for a couple days.
    • Add ginger or apple juice to kombucha sealed container for secondary fermentation and to carbonate it.
  • Tea
    • Kava tea is a great relaxer, non alcoholic though
    • Tulsi tea is super healthy and an adaptogen. Green Tulsi is even better to combine benefits of green tea and tulsi.
    • Cold extraction more beneficial than traditional hot extraction for full benefits of tea, especially for Green tea. Put in refrigerator for up to 2 hours.
    • Ideal water temperatures
      • Green Tea ideal water temperature: 180
      • Yerba Mate ideal water temperature: 160-180
      • Chamomile: 212
  • Coffee
    • Don’t freeze coffee beans.
    • More blended, the better the coffee as it improves digestibility of fat, and it’s biochemically expensive to produce bile.
    • * If you drink coffee or use caffeine, it is good to reduce AND replace with something much easier on your adrenal glands like Rishi Matcha Tea.  The caffeine in matcha tea is slowly released over a 6 hour period of time, and the theanine is great for focus and calm.  People feel really good on this tea!  Another great coffee substitute, and one that will support your adrenal function, and blood sugar, is Macaccino Black Reserve.  It’s about $36, but it’s 30 servings and it’s so delicious and energizing, it should make reducing and replacing coffee easier!
    • Paper filters filters out some good coffee compounds. Use French Press instead.
    • Choose organic to avoid mycotoxins
    • Should cycle off caffeine for a week to reset receptors. Once a month or so.
    • Using darker roast coffees for less acidity.
    • Put red palm oil in bp coffee. Cinnamon and collagen are good editions too.
    • Moral of the story: clean out your coffee maker, or at least wipe down your waste tray from time to time. With many coffee makers, you can run vinegar through the system in place of water and it will kill off unwanted bacteria. Just check with the company to make sure it won’t damage the machine or get stuck anywhere. Vinegar-flavored coffee is pretty horrific.
    • Blending buttered coffee creates nano fat  particles which are easier to digest. That’s why you don’t feel the same if you just eat to coffee plus butter
  • Alcohol
    • Titos gluten free vodka, order at bar.
    • Water ice and lime when ordering for no alcohol.
    • Whiskey is rich in ellagic acid, which is a very powerful antioxidant, and is responsible for a great deal of the health benefits from whiskey.
    • Take vitamin C with alcohol to mitigate unhealthy effects. Vitamin C boosts your glutathione production.
    • NorCal margarita (vodka, club soda, and lime)
    • Alcohol consumption can negatively affect your gut health. Take melatonin the same day to counteract this effect.
    • The health benefits of alcohol are still debatable. Some studies show that >5 drinks/week negatively impacts fertility. There are also mycotoxins to consider. A conservative estimate would be to have 1-3 drinks of red wine/week.
    • Vodka Soda is probably healthiest drink to order at a bar since it contains no sugar.

Healthy & Tasty Recipes

  • Butternut squash soupmade with beef broth and the cream juiced from fresh coconuts (you can use coconut cream in jars as a replacement)


  • * Consider substituting sugar, honey, syrups etc (if you use these) with stevia or monkfruit.  The two best sweeteners I’ve used are SweetLeaf Vanilla Creme and You Are Loved Foods monkfruit & stevia combo “WeLuvYa Sweet”.
  • Acceptable sweets – Unheated honey, organic maple syrup (grade B preferred), real cane sugar (Heavenly Organics™ or Rapunzel’s), stevia (actual herb only; no stevia extracts), whole fruit including dates or fresh squeezed fruit juice but not fruit extracts or concentrates.
  • Blackstrap molasses contains lots of potassium and other important nutrients.
  • Unheated honey – Choose honey that states it is unheated, or never heated, on the label.
  • The only stevia that is safe to use is the minimally processed fresh herb. The fresh stevia is simply dried and powdered. A stevia concentrate which is a brownish color that simply contains the entire stevia herb in a more potent form should also be safe. There are many sweeteners made from extracting components of the stevia leaf and they are dangerous. Be very careful that you do not mistakenly buy a stevia extract or overly processed product. These extracts of stevia will likely cause significant imbalances to your glandular system. Likewise do not use stevia that is stored in glycerin.
  • Also avoid the other unnatural sounding sugar alcohol sweeteners such as sorbitol, mannitol, maltitol, and erythritol. Avoid sweets and foods sweetened with these items – white sugar, cane sugar, evaporated cane juice, xylitol, agave nectar, jams, dried fruit, candy bars, health food bars, yacon syrup, erythritol, lo han, palm sugar, coconut sugar, stevia extract, glycerin, fructose, high fructose corn syrup, inulin, fructooligosaccharides (FOS), brown rice syrup, malted barley and grain sweeteners, maltodextrin, sucrose, dextrose, sucralose, aspartame, and saccharine. If you do not know what the sweetener is then avoid


  • Sheep’s cheese is better since they can’t be cafo’d
  • Raw butter is better than pasteurized because it has more healing effects on the body.
    • Local raw butter – Sources for local butter from grass-fed animals are available at: The yellow butter is available from local sources during the spring and summer after the cows eat rapidly growing green grass. You can save high vitamin butter for the winter by freezing it
  • Suggested Dairy Intake 2-4 cups of raw dairy per day. Make sure to regularly include any or all of these probiotic milks: kefir, yogurt, clabber, whey and buttermilk.
  • Raw goats milk is easier to digest than cows milk.

Optimal Gut Microbiome

  • Combining raw eggs with raw milk ensures the maximum level of assimilation of nutrients from the raw milk. This mixture regenerates intestinal mucosa and helps heal leaky gut syndrome. Try the following blend: 1 cup raw milk, kefir or yogurt 1-2 raw eggs optional ingredients include: 2 ounces of raw cream ½ teaspoon raw honey, or organic maple syrup dash of nutmeg and cinnamon for flavor a drop or two of vanilla extract carob or chocolate powder
  • Fermented Foods & Enzymes Enzymes act as catalysts in most of the biochemical processes in our bodies. When we cook our food completely at temperatures above 150°F, its enzyme content is destroyed. When you eat a cooked meal, it is vital to include and consume both raw and/or fermented foods with the cooked food. Enzymes help us digest our foods. One way to get these enzymes is through the use of fermented foods. Fermented drinks include rejuvelac, kefir, and beet kvass. Fermented foods include fermented radish, cabbage (sauerkraut), pickles, fermented sweet potatoes and yogurt. Fermented vegetables are a great way to consume your vegetables. Recipes for fermented foods can be found in Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. Taking enzyme supplements or high quality probiotics is another method to help your body assimilate food and achieve balance.
  • Pistachios are good for your microbiome
  • Sprouted chia seeds in water are good for your gut.
  • Make your own fermented foods
    • Sauerkraut
      • Add salt and hand squeeze until liquid drops from cabbage.
      • Use mandolin
      • Add salt after adding cabbage to ceramic jar.
    • Optimal: 65 degrees in 7 days (longer if it’s cooler), then put in fridge. Add salt and coconut oil on top.
    • Eat a couple ounces a day. Buy Air Lock.
    • Kefir (“has live cultures” if bought from store).
    • Kombucha (get on tap if possible from store).
    • 5 gallon glass with spicket
      • Kombucha
        1.Don’t touch scotby with metal or hands. Use wooden spoon.
        2.Use cheese cloth.
        3.Can leave out for 5 days to carbonate.
    • Resources / Notes
      • Wild Fermentation FB group
      • Probiotics are not worth the $ since fermented foods contain up to 30 times more good bacteria

The 4-Hour Body Diet

  • Diet
    • 1. EAT SLOWLY: The easiest thing you can do to decrease glucose spikes is slow down.
    • 2. COLD WATER IN MORNING: Consume at least 500 milliliters of ice water on an empty stomach immediately upon waking. In at least two studies, this water consumption has been shown to increase resting metabolic rate.
    • 3. PROTEIN BREAKFAST: First meal within an hour of waking. Meals are approximately four hours apart. Not only will the increased protein intake decrease water retention, resting metabolism increases about 20% if your breakfast calories are at least 30% protein. In total, this can be a smallish meal of 300–500 calories.
    • 5. DON’T EAT FRUIT. The only exceptions to the no-fruit rule are tomatoes and avocados.
    • 6. TAKE ONE DAY OFF PER WEEK. Paradoxically, dramatically spiking caloric intake in this way once per week increases fat-loss by ensuring that your metabolic rate (thyroid function and conversion of T4 to T3, etc.) doesn’t downshift from extended caloric.
    • PRE-MEAL FRUCTOSE:Consume a small quantity of fructose, fruit sugar, in grapefruit juice before the second meal, which is the first crap meal. Even small fructose dosing has an impressive near-flat-lining effect on blood glucose. I could consume this at the first meal, but I prefer to combine the naringin in grapefruit juice with coffee, as it extends the effects of caffeine.restriction. Expect MASSIVE weight fluctuations after cheat day. Relax. It will disappear over the next 48 hours.
    • 2. EXPEDITE DIGESTION: Bingeing is a rare circumstance where I want the food (or some of it) to pass through my gastrointestinal tract so quickly that its constituent parts aren’t absorbed well. I accomplish this primarily through caffeine and yerba mate tea, which includes the additional stimulants theobromine (found in dark chocolate) and theophylline (found in green tea).
    • 7. REDUCE MILK: Milk products appear insulinotropic as judged from 3-fold to 6-fold higher insulinemic indexes than expected from the corresponding glycemic indexes.
    • 8. LOW CALORIE FLAVORING: Montreal steak rub, thick salsa without sugar added, garlic salt, white truffle sea salt (combine this with tarragon on eggs), Thai chili paste (srichacha)—this is just about all you need to start.
    • 9. SALAD DRESSING: Few drops of a nonsugar sweetener like stevia mixed with vinegar and mustard will give you a dressing to satisfy any sweet tooth.
    • 10. Stick to dry wines, “dry” being defined as less than 1.4% residual sugar. The driest red varietals are Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot, whereas the driest whites are generally Sauvignon Blanc and Albariño.
    • 11. SNACK: carrots
    • 12. LENTILS: Lentils are a rich and cheap source of protein (amino acids), isoleucine and lysine in particular. Both lysine and isoleucine, a branched-chain amino acid (BCAA), are noted for their roles in muscular repair, and the latter for its effect on glucose metabolism.
    • 13. LIME/LEMON: Consume citric juices, whether lime juice squeezed into water, lemon juice on food, or a beverage like the citrus kombucha
    • 14. CINNAMON: There is ample evidence that cinnamon can be used to reduce the glycemic index of a meal up to 29%. At four grams per meal or even six grams per day, it can lower not only blood glucose but also LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. Cinnamon weighs in at 2.8 grams per teaspoon, so four grams of cinnamon is about one and a half teaspoons.
  • 2. SHORT EXERCISE PRE AND 90 MINS POST EXERCISE: But why the hell would you want to do 60–90 seconds of funny exercises a few minutes before you eat and, ideally, again about 90 minutes afterward? Short answer: because it brings glucose transporter type 4 (GLUT-4) to the surface of muscle cells, opening more gates for the calories to flow into. The more muscular gates we have open before insulin triggers the same GLUT-4 on the surface of fat cells, the more we can put in muscle instead of fat.
  • ALA: Alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) is a potent antioxidant and free radical scavenger that has been proven to regenerate vitamin C and vitamin E; restore levels of intracellular glutathione, an important antioxidant that declines with age; and increase excretion of toxic heavy metals such as mercury.
  • EGCG: we will target 325 milligrams three to four times per day, as the fat-loss results seem to “hockey-stick”—go from a mild incline to a sharp rise—between 900 and 1,100 milligrams per day for the 150- to 200-pound subjects I’ve worked with. I suggest decaffeinated green tea extract pills as the source, unless you want to be stuck to the ceiling and feel ill.
  • GARLIC: aged-garlic extract (AGE) with high allicin potential that includes all constituent parts, including S-Allyl cysteine. If AGE isn’t available, unaged garlic extract appears to work at slightly higher doses.
  • L-GLUTAMINE: L-glutamine is an amino acid commonly used as a post-workout supplement for tissue repair. In our case, I suggest it for an alternative use from strength coach Charles Poliquin: intestinal repair.


  • Local Chef
  • Pressed juicery: healthy frozen yogurt
  • Venice
    • Erewhon: healthiest grocery store I’ve found
    • Gjusta
    • Kreation
    • Cafe gratitude


  • Sprout/soak nuts, seeds, and grains to eliminate the anti-nutrients.
  • Avoid Soy: Studies have demonstrated that just 30 grams of soy per day (about two tablespoons) for 90 days can disrupt thyroid function, and that’s in Japanese subjects. The Swiss Federal Health Service equated 100 milligrams of isoflavones (phytoestrogens) to a single birth control pill in terms of estrogenic impact.
  • Common Deficiencies
    • 1. SELENIUM:Too much selenium hurts swimmies, so I kept well within the tolerable upper limit for adults, which is 400 micrograms per day. One ounce of Brazil nuts (approximately 11 nuts) provides 544 micrograms, so 400 micrograms is approximately eight nuts per day (49 micrograms each). I am consuming six to play well within nontoxic ranges. I experimented twice with higher ranges of 8–10 nuts per day; in both cases, I immediately broke out in the worst acne of my life. Though selenium deficiencies can cause skin problems, it appears that excessive selenium, or at least Brazil nuts, can do the same.
  • Training-specific deficiencies per Charles Poliquin: Among throwing specialists (pitchers, shot-putters, etc.)
    • Characteristic: taxed GABA and nervous system Associated deficiencies: taurine
    • NFL and NHL players and bodybuilders Taxed system: muscular damage Associated deficiencies: lysine
  • Going in and out of ketosis had created a selenium deficiency. Unbeknownst to me, long-term ketogenic dieting has been associated with selenium deficiency.
  • Reduced-fat Swiss cheese, which has the highest levels of CLA (conjugated linolenic acid) of all cheeses, with natural Muenster in second place.
  • Great natural strength gainer shake: 12 oz whole raw milk 4 tbsp raw almond butter 2 raw egg yolks 3 tbsp chia seeds 1 tsp vanilla extract ½ tsp cinnamon
  • Avoid GMO
    • Avoid corn and soy
    • Most processed sugar
    • Canola oil
    • Always buy organic, especially when consuming foods above.
  • Dr. Page found that the combination of stable blood sugar levels with the correct ratio of calcium and phosphorous in the blood results in immunity to tooth decay.
  • Phosphorus is perhaps even more important to tooth remineralization than calcium. Phosphorous is in most foods. However it is highly concentrated in dairy products like milk and cheese, in the organs of land and sea animals, in muscle meats and proteins including eggs, and in grains, nuts and beans. One has to be careful in using grains and beans for phosphorous sources because some grains, like white rice, do not contain much phosphorous. Meanwhile other whole grains contain phosphorous in a form that is not absorbable. Vegetables do not contain much phosphorous.
  • Detox Blend
    • •1 cup of warm water
    • •1 teaspoon sea salt
    • •1 TBSP organic lemon juice
    • •1 TBSP raw apple cider vinegar
    • •Dash of cayenne pepper
    • Why The “AM Detox Drink” works:
      • •Warm water dilates (opens) blood vessels and digestive systems. It promotes “regular” digestion, while cold liquid would do the opposite and we don’t want that.
      • •The organic lemon juice contains d-limonene – a compound that helps flush toxins from the liver. Make sure it’s Organic – using pesticide or chemical laden lemons sort of defeats the purpose 😉
      • •The apple cider vinegar flushes the liver, controls blood sugar, boosts your immune system, and it alkalizes your body to balance pH levels.
      • •Cayenne – boosts metabolism, aids digestion and may support immune function
      • •The 1 tsp sea salt. The salt helps to up-regulate morning blood pressure and protects your adrenal glands.

    * At some point find out you blood type.  Test kits are easy and cheap:

    * Explore the Blood Type O diet and see what you can incorporate or take out for further improvements.  Here’s the link:

    Here are the links for the other blood type diets:

  • Optimal organ meat: Us wellness meats liverwurst (blend of all organ meats)
  • Baking soda is alkalizing and you can add half a teaspoon before or after acidic meals like meat and coffee.
  • Hormones – Testosterone Blend

    -Vitamin D3 (ideally test first) ~ 35IU/pound

    of body weight

    -Fish oil – 2-4g/day or cod liver oil, 1-2T/day

    -Magnesium (400-800mg/day)

    -Brazil nuts (for the selenium and fatty

    acids) – 3-4/day (get raw from health food

    store and keep frozen

    -Grass fed beef – several 6-8oz


    -If you do not eat shellfish or use zinc

    regularly, also include 2-

    4 Prostelan capsules per day (this is a 5

    Alpha Reductase inhibitor + Zinc)

    And then use either:

    -D-Aspartic Acid – 3g/day (approx 1

    teaspoon) combined

    with Myomin (aromatase inhibitor) – 1000-



    -Use an herbal testosterone formula. Top

    recommendation is “Aggressive Strength”.

  • Don’t let your herbs get near your cooking since moisture will cause them to sprout mold/mycotoxins.
  • When eating low carb / ketogenic, make sure to eat high fat over high protein. Use ketone trackers to ensure you are eating enough fat with a solid amount of ketones.
  • Eating clean at restaurants:
    • Ask to have your food cooked in butter instead of canola oil.
  • Legumes contain phytates, so to minimize this, heavily soak and drain prior to cooking. Same concept applies for quinoa and saponins.
  • Despite being criticized by the Paleo community, beans are healthy: it is the one food common among all groups in the Blue Zone centenarian study.
  • Animal (vs. plant) based digestive enzymes are beneficial if you have gut issues.
  • Food combining: avoid eating fruit with protein as fruit eaten alone digests within 30 minutes and ferments in your gut when eat with protein. Experiment to see if this applies to honey as well for you.
  • Pomegranate juice for testosterone
  • Use a separate cutting board for meats to avoid cross-contamination
  • Bone broth contains many beneficial ingredients, such as gelatin (contains collagen) which improves joint, hair, nail, and bone health.
  • Moderate your oxalate (oxalic acid) intake (they are broken down upon heating, so eat steamed or sautéed vegetables). Oxalates bind to other nutrients, leading to nutrient deficiencies when consumed in excess. Oxalates are in many healthy foods, e.g  dark leafy greens, especially kale.
  • Eating a very low carb / highly ketogenic diet for an extended period of time may lead to dip in energy levels, libido, and may lead to gut issues since carbs are required for mucus production. Try to find the sweet spot by eating enough carbs to avoid these issues.
  • Onions and garlic inhibit mental/neurological performance. (according to some studies and Bulletproofexec)
  • Look for where your meats/chicken come from. Opt for more local rather than international meats.
  • Powdered spices like nutmeg and cloves are often contaminated with mold. Opt for leaf-based herbs like oregano, thyme, sage, and parsley.
  • Sea vegetables contain bad minerals like bromine and potentially radioactive iodine. Organic sea vegetables from Thrive is a good option. Scallops and cod.
  • Niasafe is better than niacin as it has a slower more natural release into bloodstream. Made by Thorne.
  • Vitamin D absorption is vitamin A and magnesium dependent.
  • Coffee has neuro-protective properties but lost with paper filter so use French press or Turkish coffee.
  • Acceptable grains – Sourdough bread made with unbleached flour (bran and germ removed), partially milled rice that is soaked with a starter (white rice is acceptable), grains properly soured based upon indigenous preparation methods.
  • But uncooked vegetables contain a host of plant toxins including enzyme inhibitors, oxalates, saponins, and lectins. Besides a few exceptions such as lettuce or cucumber, raw vegetables are difficult to digest. Only people with strong digestive powers can do well eating lots of uncooked vegetables. For the rest of us, we need heat or fermentation to break down the vegetable cellulose. Unless you have very strong digestive fires, eating a great deal of raw vegetables is not healthy because of the plant toxins. Vegetables should be prepared such that they should be easy to digest and assimilate, as well as taste good.
  • There is also a wide range of organically approved pesticides. While they are better than other pesticides, there are still many malignant substances sprayed on organic food. I recommend doing whatever you can to support small and local farms such as going to farmer’s markets, or shopping at stores that buy from local farms.

EMF / Radiation Exposure Mitigation – Complete List of Tips

  • Rock salt lamp to mitigate EMFs.
  • Use shielded metal wiring for electrical lines in house.
  • Ground laptop with usb ground cord.
  • Bluetooth: use Class 3 transmitters which emit the lowest level of Bluetooth radiation.
  • Supplements
    • Antioxidants to protect against radiation.
      • Glutathione and chlorella are most effective. Premier Micronutrient (antioxidant blend) has good supplements to reduce DNA damage from radiation. Take before MRI or CAT scans and flying, for example.
  • Encoder wristband.
  • Harapad for laptop if using on body/lap.
  • Pong Case for iPhone (This is the only case that’s been tested in FCC- certified laboratories and proven to reduce your iPhone’s radiation to a third of what it would be without the case, all while maintaining signal strength. If you have to keep your cell phone in your pocket, this will help minimize the damage, but I still suggest “off” around the twins.
  • Even having an alarm clock next to your bed can negatively affect your sleep.
  • Flying in a plane exposes you to excessive amounts of wifi radiation. To combat your exposure:
    • Drink lots of cold water before (around 2 liters), during, and after the flight
    • Take your shoes off and place your feet on the metal stanchions to get ‘grounded’
    • Take 200mg of Reduced CoQ10 (better bioavailability) for every hour you are on the flight as this will reduce our risk of blood clotting
  • Install EMF Filter
  • Use an EMF-proof case for your phone, such as Pong
  • Airplane mode cuts off wireless transmissions, which mitigates risks of cellphone radiation, but there are still low frequency magnetic fields emitted
  • Avoid having wireless routers in your room, and at the very least:
    • Unplug or turn off routers and all wireless things when going to bed to avoid radiation
  • EMF Proof Headset or Hollow Tube Headset
  • Blue Tube is a good brand
  • Hand-free / Blue tooth headset has much less radiation
  • When carrying phone, put back of phone facing outside
  • Reduce talking in a car as the metal insulates the radiation
  • Use a Low-Radiation Cell phone (low SAR rating)